December 10, 2015


Girl’s unbelievable open letter to abortionist: you killed my twin brother, left me maimed by Claire Culwell

The 8 Most Shocking Things Said at a Planned Parenthood Abortion Rally by Katie Yoder

China’s announced “Two-Child Policy” doesn’t change the basic structure of coercive population control by Rep. Chris Smith

“The case against abortion: prenatal development”– A terrific pro-life resource by Dave Andrusko

Abortion legalization in Sierra Leone won’t save lives

257 Media Outlets and Reporters Have Received Awards From Planned Parenthood by Katie Yoder 


Belgian doctors call for end to euthanasia for mental suffering by Ariane Bazan, Willem Lemmens, Gertrudis Van de Vijver

Apology for “do not resuscitate” order on Down’s patient welcomed by SPUC Pro-Life

Socialite Decides to Kill Herself in an Assisted Suicide at 50 Rather Than Grow Old by Micaiah Bilger

“Millenials Face Own Funerals” Illustrates Culture of Death by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

Video: Estonians unveil massive banner in front of Parliament to promote natural family


Sexual Purity

On human sexuality, conservative victory is inevitable by Jeremy Neill – “The old rules exist for a reason.”

Worldview and Culture

She Lost Her Entire Family in an Arson and For Christmas She Wants a Christmas Card From You by Micaiah Bilger

Audio: Environmental Protection, Yes. “Nature Rights,” No. with Wesley J. Smith

Report on the 2012-15 Meetings of ELS, LCMS, and WELS Leaders

Mr. Rogers’ timeless message: choose to spend your time cherishing Life by Texas Right to Life 

When Jimmy Stewart Went to War by Carl M. Cannon