December 1, 2017


Abortions in the United States Hit an All-Time Low, More Babies Saved From Abortion Than Ever by Micaiah Bilger 


The Spirit of Adoption – Welcoming Children Is at the Heart of the Gospel by John Stonestreet & G. Shane Morris – “Choosing love may make it easier for someone to choose life. And yet, there’s a whole lot more to adoption than that.”

Family Living

Fight Inequality, Promote Matrimony – Marriage as a Social Justice Issue by Eric Metaxas & Stan Guthrie – “When somebody asks you whether you support social justice, just say, ‘Sure I do—I believe in marriage!'”

Condemning Boys For Being Boys Only Makes Their Woes Worse, New York Times by Helen Raleigh – “What’s the Left’s proposed remedy to cure sexual harassment? Make boys and men more feminine. This approach can’t be more wrong.”

Movies – Television – Video

“Wonder” Humanizes Bullies And Victims, Offering A Broad, Non-Politicized Appeal by Ron Capshaw – “In the hands of a more class-warrior director, the film would highlight the bullies’ privilege. Stephen Chbosky’s priorities, however, are universal in scope.”

It’s a WONDERful movie by Steve Deace

Sexual Purity

Why the Mike Pence dining maxim is a rule for realists by Carolyn Moynihan – “And why the people dismissing it are deluded.”

In a Planned Parenthood Culture, The Matt Lauers Thrive by Erick Erickson – “We live in a culture of abortion on demand where modesty and humility are viewed as vices.”

Sex Assault Claims Don’t Prove Male Toxicity, But The Absence Of Masculinity by Robert Tracinski – “I always suspected the left would circle back to Puritanism. What strikes me about most of the allegations so far, however, is how unmasculine the men are.”

Worldview and Culture

10-Year-Old Commits Suicide After Alleged Bullying Incident Caught on Camera

Doctor fired for pro-life stance wins major court case in Norway

Free Speech for Pregnancy Centers? – The Supremes Will Decide by John Stonestreet & G. Shane Morris – “Another critical free speech case has made its way to the Supreme Court. I’ll explain why it matters—especially to pro-life advocates.”

Meet The First Woman With Down Syndrome To Compete In The Miss Minnesota USA Pageant by Bre Payton

Scandals, Politics and Faith – In Whom Do We Trust? by John Stonestreet – “For Christians, selectively holding our political and prospective leaders to high moral standards reveals in us an unsettling lack of faith.”

How Black Friday Got to Be Such a Downer by Gracy Olmstead – “Grateful folk to crazed discount hunters in 24 hours? Blame the perversion of Christmas.”

The First Thanksgiving Was Nothing Like What You Were Taught by John Daniel Davidson – “Most Americans were taught a cartoonish version of the first Thanksgiving, but the history of the Pilgrims and Indians was far more complex—and harrowing.”

A lesson from C.S. Lewis about Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of baby body parts by Dorothy Cummings McLean

Depression and God’s Grace – You Are Not Alone by Eric Metaxas & Stan Guthrie – “If you’re dealing with depression, you might as well know there are no quick fixes, but there is always God’s grace.”

Ruesch and family return home to serve Our Redeemer – Heather Ruesch provided music at the 2011 Lutherans For Life National Conference in Dallas.