August 31, 2017


Waiting Women by Andrea Mrozek – “If a woman has to wait for an abortion, there is an outcry. Think how that affects women waiting for a child.”

Yanking Federal Funds Could Halt Oregon’s Socialized Abortion Law by Georgi Boorman – “Oregon’s new law, which aims to provide fully tax-sponsored abortions, could result in a withdrawal of federal funds.”

Wales approves genetic screening for babies with Down’s syndrome


Ethical Stem Cells Relieve Parkinson’s in Monkeys by Wesley J. Smith

Crisis Pregnancy

Unintended pregnancy a “huge” issue for LGBT youth by Bradley Mattes


Work Hard by Pastor Mark Jeske

Clear as a Bell by Pastor Mark Jeske

Worldview and Culture

This Dad Lost Everything To Hurricane Harvey. His Response? “We Thank God” by Greg Sorrell – “Jeremiah’s son can look upon his father and see gratitude, humility, and strength; not the grievance and victimhood that is celebrated in our political life today.”

Teacher: Dear Parents, Tell Your Kids to Stop Taking About God by Todd Starnes

Why The Most Realistic Solution To Schools’ Trans Indoctrination Is Withdrawing Your Kids by Margot Cleveland – “With these news stories, parents understandably wonder how they can protect their children from being taught that boys can become girls, or punished for using biologically correct pronouns.”

Christian Artists Should Have The Same Free Speech Game As Colin Kaepernick by James Gottry – “Why is Colin Kaepernick’s situation playing out in the court of public opinion while Jack Phillips’ is playing out in the Supreme Court of the United States?”

The Nine Types of Christians You Meet on Facebook by Stephen Altrogge

Satire: Man With Pickup Truck Informed He Has Spiritual Gift Of Helping People Move Every Weekend