August 3, 2016


Research With Aborted Baby Parts Has Not Produced One Single Cure by Micaiah Bilger

So what if life begins at conception? “I would support abortion,” says NOW president by Dave Andrusko

Dear DNC: Abortion Isn’t Empowering. It Turns Women Into Bullies by Holly Scheer – “In a moment of truly blinding irony, NARAL’s president called for Americans to elect Hillary Clinton as president so she could stand against bullies.”

China: Woman Forced to Have Abortion at 8 Months or Family Will Lose Jobs by Stoyan Zaimov


The God of Creation by Greg Alms

The Enduring Authority of Scripture, Really? by Simon Turpin – “Review of ‘Science and Scripture’ in D. A. Carson, ed., The Enduring Authority of the Christian Scriptures”


Milwaukee man pleads with Appleton teen: “Please reconsider” life-ending decision – Jordan Schroeter, Jerika Bolen both live with spinal muscular atrophy type 2

She was alert and responsive in hospice, but couldn’t get anything to eat by Lisa Bourne

Isn’t killing 19 disabled people a hate crime? by Paul Russell – “Why didn’t Japan’s biggest mass killing since World War II create more waves in the media?”

Family Living

6 Principles of Biblical Stewardship by by Shane Stanford

5 Ways Family Chores Taught Me To Be A Better Human Being by Anna Mussmann – “Just a quarter of today’s parents regularly assign chores to their kids. That means their kids are missing out.”

Movies – Television – Video

“Bojack Horseman” Shows Why Art About Abortion Is Failing by Mollie Hemingway – “Three reasons why the abortion episode failed, and why that should encourage pro-lifers.”


13-Year-Old Stunned on “America’s Got Talent” With a Soaring Opera Performance by Michelle Profis – “We’ll never get tired of hearing her incredible voice.”

Audio: Faith’n’Family – Encouraging Music Literacy for Children and Involving Children in Worship

Sharing the Message of Lutherans For Life

EEMN Summer 2016 Newsletter – The latest from Rev. Don Richman and the East European Missions Network. Don is also LFL’s International Representative. He will be speaking at our 2016 LFL National Conference.

Worldview and Culture

The Didache – Translated by Tony Jones 

Has It Ever Been This Bad? by Rev. Matthew Zickler

In Christ Alone by Peter Nafzger – “Week before last, I was in New Orleans for the 2016 LCMS Youth Gathering. I wasn’t a neutral observer. For the last 2½ years I served on a planning team with DCEs, teachers, pastors, and committed lay men and women from across the country. Together we shared the conviction that building up young Christians is among the church’s highest priorities, and that this building comes from corporate study of the Scriptures and grateful reception of God’s sacramental gifts …”

Challenge Response: I Don’t Like the Idea of People Telling Me What to Do by Alan Shlemon