August 29, 2017


The Widespread Abortion Of Down Syndrome Babies Is A Success For “Nudgenics” by Georgi Boorman – “If you think it’s okay for babies to be killed in the womb because they have a disability, then be honest: you support eugenics.”


Doctors Wanted to Euthanize This Disabled Woman, One Year Later She is Much Better by Alex Schadenberg

Family Living

I was an unwed teen and had to tell my pastor father. What happened next was an incredible shock by By Angel Holscher

“This is exasperating”: young boy’s hilarious response when he learns mom is pregnant by Dave Andrusko


Loss of a father leaves its mark in the child’s DNA by Carolyn Moynihan – “Stress produces an effect similar to ageing.”

Fetal Development

Amazing Video Shows Unborn Baby’s 9 Months of Development in 4 Minutes by Dave Andrusko

Sharing the Message of Lutherans For Life

Introverts in the Church by Art Scherer

Worldview and Culture

The War on Standards – Shoot the Messenger Edition by Paul Mirengoff

Scandal Erupts over the Promotion of “Bourgeois” Behavior by Heather Mac Donald – “Two law professors face racism, sexism, and homophobia charges for urging Americans to act responsibly.”

A Biblical Case against Racism – More Work to Do by Eric Metaxas & Stan Guthrie – “We’re called to speak the good news into every area of human life, including the dark corners of racism.”

Properties of Outrage by James M. Kushiner – “It is difficult for me to imagine my reaction to this if I were a descendant of Wesley Miles, born in May 1853 in Kentucky …”

MLK Jr., Margaret Sanger, & the Cure for Violence by Pastor David Whitney

Franklin Graham, school prayer, and godless socialism by Dr. Joel McDurmon

Does the First Amendment Really Protect Hate Speech? by Jake MacAulay

Teen with Down syndrome saves young girl from drowning by Fr. Mark Hodges