August 24, 2018


Abortion Ice Cream Leaves a Bad Taste

Oprah Winfrey Promotes “Shout Your Abortion” Movement Where Women Brag About Their Abortions by Micaiah Bilger

Oprah Winfrey Faces Huge Backlash After Promoting Campaign for Women Celebrating Their Abortions by Micaiah Bilger

Danish study shows 65 fold increase in abortions of babies with heart disease in 18 years

Scare Stories Put More Women at Risk


A Gay Parent’s Complaint About Adoption Illustrates A Dangerous Adult-Centric Mindset by Katy Faust – “The debate around adoption rules is dangerously centered on the needs of adults — at the expense of the kids in question.”


New Policy Would Feed Assisted Suicide by Bradley Mattes

Australian Senate votes down euthanasia bill by Xavier Symons

Assisted suicide campaigners set sights on Scotland

When Children “Choose” to Die – Sacrificing Babes on the Altar of Autonomy by John Stonestreet & Roberto Rivera – “All must be sacrificed for the demon-gods ‘autonomy’ and ‘choice.’ This is why they are killing children in Belgium.”

Family Living

Nebraska Passes Law Granting Birth Certificates For Miscarried Babies by Audrey Rabenberg – “Nebraska’s commemorative birth certificates for miscarried children respect the dignity of the unborn and validate parents’ grief.”

3 parenting tips from a low-energy father by Zac Alstin – “Part 1: assertive communication actually works!”

Fetal Development

Religious Studies Professor refuses to confirm humanity of unborn children


Chinese Provincial Government Calls for an End to Birth Restrictions by Jonathan Abbamonte – “The PRC’s Planned Birth Policy continues its shift towards more births”


Senate fails to pass Paul amendment to defund Planned Parenthood by Calvin Freiburger

Sexual Purity

The Underreported Epidemic by Aaron Simms 

Worldview and Culture

Why Is the Bible So Offensive? That’s a Pretty Simple Answer, Actually by Peter Heck

Chicago Violence – Rahm Emanuel Calls for Morals, and Progressives Call for His Resignation by John Stonestreet & G. Shane Morris – “More money and more education can’t solve what are, at heart, problems of the heart. But in some cities, you can’t even say that.”

Amazing Moment When Girl With Down Syndrome Looks at the Sky and Says, “I See Him Dad! I See Jesus!” by Maria Gallagher

Double Agents – Predatory Churchmen in the Service of Whom? by James M. Kushiner

Indigenous mothers seven times more susceptible to post-partum depression, study finds by By Anna Desmarais

7 ethical questions to ask before going on a mission trip by Cath Swanson

Historic “symbol of racial unity” burns in Indianapolis by Caitlin Magness

Video: 1 Man Sings With Teen Who Froze During The Anthem

NYU Offers Free Medical School! by Wesley J. Smith

Is the Culture Shaping Your View of God? by Tim Barnett