August 22, 2019


Planned Parenthood Chooses Abortion Over Family Planning by Thomas Gallatin – “Trump administration updates Title X rules regarding funding family-planning clinics.”

Planned Parenthood To Keep Performing Abortions Even If It Costs Them Millions In Taxpayer Funds by Madeline Osburn

Down syndrome survivors: an argument against abortion by Carolyn Moynihan – “Two great testimonies to the value of human life”

Hollywood #MeToo pioneer Alyssa Milano: I aborted two of my children, and I’m “not sorry” by Jonathon Van Maren


Man, 41, Is Killed By Assisted Suicide After Funding For Home Care Is Cut

Family Living

How To Help Someone Experiencing A Miscarriage by Emily Carrington – “Miscarriages are very common, but the frequency of the tragedy does not reduce the weight of death. Here is how you can be a support through your friends’ grief.”

Worldview and Culture

The Number One Lie the World Tells Our Kids Today by Cameron Cole

The Dark Agenda is Darker Than You Know by Gary DeMar

You Won’t Know You’re Faithful until You’re Tested by Amy K. Hall

Life Has No Meaning? 9 in 10 Young People in the UK Believe That by Ken Ham