April 2, 2018


Judge Orders Trump Admin to Facilitate Abortions for Illegal Immigrants: They Have a “Right” to Kill Their Babies by Micaiah Bilger

Abortions are the Leading Killer of Black Americans, Not Gun Violence or Disease by Ryan Bomberger

After the Abortion

There’s No Going to Disneyland After Abortion, No “Happily Ever After” for Mother or Baby by Melissa Ohden


Spending Money God’s Way by Pastor Mark Jeske

Good Friday At The Nursing Home by Jay Sanders

Why the Church? by Jason Nelson


This Is Euthanasia Plain And Simple by Stacey Lennox

Courts Decide It’s Time for Alfie Evans to Die by Wesley J. Smith

Should Nursing Homes Be Forced to Starve Dementia Patients? by Wesley J. Smith

Movies – Television – Radio

Movie review: “Paul, Apostle of Christ” by Rev. Ted Giese


Video: I Will Rise by the Martin Luther College Choir – From Saturday’s post of this video by Martin Luther College: “This video was recorded four years ago by the MLC Choir under the direction of Dr. Kermit Moldenhauer. It still serves as an inspiration to hope—hope that carries us from the darkness of Good Friday to the sunrise of Easter Sunday.” It is an absolutely beautiful performance!

Sexual Purity

Left Finds Underage Sex Horrible For Christians, Beautiful For Gay People by Chad Felix Greene – “Why would a 17-year-old be considered a ‘child bride’ in one scenario and a fully consenting, sexually adventurous adult in another?”

Worldview and Culture

Leftmedia’s Deliberate Mischaracterization of Christianity by Thomas Gallatin – “The flawed caricature of Christians peddled by the MSM only proves to expose their ignorance of Christian beliefs.”

Interracial marriage and racism in modern ministry: two prominent examples by Dr. Joel McDurmon