April 12, 2018


Ealing Council [England] enacts PSPO to ban pro-life vigils – “SPUC’s Alithea Williams, who was at the rally and council meeting said: ‘This is a bad day for democracy in the UK. For the first time, a council has banned peaceful public acts of witness and freedom of expression.'”

Why The Pro-Life School Walkout Left Me With More Questions Than Answers by Todd Peperkorn – “My pro-life daughters attend a public high school where some students walked out for 17 minutes of silence and prayer Wednesday, to commemorate the lives lost to abortion.”


She Got Pregnant at 18 and Did Something That Today, Few Teens Do by Kelsey Harkness

After the Abortion

I Was A Disney Princess, I Had An Abortion, And It Almost Ruined My Life by Deanna Falchook – “Recently, Planned Parenthood tweeted, ‘We Need a Disney Princess Who Had an Abortion.’ No, we do not.”


Why the Animal/Nature Rights vs. Human Duties Distinction Matters by Wesley J. Smith


Creation Apologetics in the Science Classroom by Jenny Retzlaff


Whose stuff is it anyway? Diana Kerr


Hawaii legalizes assisted suicide

Hawaii Becomes Seventh State To Legalize Doctor-Assisted Self-Murder by Nicole Russell

Hawaii’s Ill-Chosen Legalization of Assisted Suicide by Matt Valliere

Judge Sets Date When Alfie Evans’ Life Support Will be Shut Off Over His Parents Objections by Steven Ertelt


Funding of Aborted Baby Parts Research Up Under GOP by Terry Jeffrey

Sexual Purity

President Trump Signs Anti-Sex Trafficking Legislation by J.C. Braswell

While You Probably Think Same-Sex Attraction Is Fixed, Researchers Don’t by Jeremiah Keenan – “‘They’ve already lost the scientific battle, and so they’ve taken it to the legislative front to enforce their views.’ Jordan Peterson’s comment applies generally to sexual orientation.”

Dialetical ninnyhammers and a sexually burned-out nation by Jason Garwood

Transgender—Bringing Clarity to a Confused World by Owen Strachan

Worldview and Culture

If You Want Men In Your Church, Stop Treating Them With Contempt by Matthew Cochran – “It should be understandable that men avoid organizations that are obliviously contemptuous of males. This is a problem not just with American culture writ large, but also with American churches.”

Your Ten Year Old is Not a Person, So You Can Kill Him by Erick Erickson

Child Abuse Prevention by Jim Sedlak

Progressive Christianity’s Suicide, ELCA Edition by Rod Dreher

Whatever the Left Touches it Ruins by Dennis Prager

The deficits of the iPhone generation by Christopher O. Tollefsen – “Can hashtagging a tweet for a cause make up for ignorance about society?”

China bans online sale of Bibles by Tola Mbakwe

Unfolding Joseph – His Fear Was Short-lived & His Faith Remembered by James M. Kushiner

Sugihara’s Holocaust Survivors – The High Cost of Obedience by John Stonestreet & Anne Morse – “Today [April 11], in Israel, is Holocaust Memorial Day. Here’s an amazing story of an unlikely hero, a Christian who changed the world.”

Video: Stranger Saves Woman’s Unborn Baby During Shooting


The Promise of the Pro-Life Youth Movement by Bradley Mattes

On the Lighter Side …

Video: Rascal Flatts Crash A Wedding For First Dance Surprise

Video: Do you remember this commercial?