October 31, 2016

We celebrate the same authentically apostolic Gospel that Martin Luther enthusiastically insisted on: God gives Himself in His own Son to love, forgive, and save every human being by free grace alone apart from good works. No matter what anyone’s done or can’t do, our Heavenly Father’s compassion makes us all precious, from the invisible miracle of conception to the moment of natural death. His blessings of abundant and everlasting life belong to every person, in every state and every stage—regardless of appearance, age, ability, or productivity.

We fearlessly and joyfully speak this uplifting truth and show this life-affirming love alongside you and especially to those vulnerable or victim to violence against life. In fact, it is this Word, worldview, and way of life that Christians stand steadfast in and for every day. We have for centuries, and we will into eternity, as Gospel-motivated neighbors and servants to the whole human race whom God has created, redeemed, and called.

The Lord be with you, and thanks be to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever!