May 22, 2015

Living in a northern climate, the seasons of spring and summer are a time of looking forward to longer and warmer days, the return of colorful flowers and birds, the awakening of the soil to plant again, and a time of growth and fruitfulness! Thanks be to God! We have certainly been blessed with growth in the number of Life Teams and those interested in starting either a new Life Team or chapter and in the stories beginning to come in from our precious volunteers from the annual activity reports.

Sometimes the work is difficult and tiring—at other times simply filled with delight—but always with a very special purpose from the Lord and giver of Life! So be encouraged, pray without ceasing, and press ahead. One story I would like to share is by Waunita J. Watt, from our Life Team in Creston, Iowa.

In the past few years, Creston, Iowa, has seen God working on the hearts of this community to bring some amazing changes.

In April 2012, the city of Creston was hit by a tornado—a turning point for many in our small town. By the grace of God, no one was killed. The tornado did significant damage to our hospital, community college, and several homes on the north side of town. This was difficult for everyone, but it brought the community together. By talking, working together, serving our neighbors, and listening with compassion, we met the needs of our community and built some strong relationships. This was the beginning of a “God Plan.”

Through this building of relationships and communications, a “40 Days for Life” event was proposed. This sparked talk about what God could do if we peacefully prayed at the local Planned Parenthood affiliate. We heard how it could have an impact on those who worked at Planned Parenthood and those who utilized their services. This event involved anyone who was willing to pray for at-risk children and their mothers. (At that time, a young woman could have a TeleMed abortion performed here in Creston.)

Many of those who were praying were also listening and talking with one another about the possibility of opening a crisis pregnancy center in Creston for those facing unplanned pregnancy and sexual health crises. Shortly after 40 Days for Life, our Planned Parenthood location closed. God used this event in His “God Plan.”

After the closing of the Planned Parenthood office, opening a crisis pregnancy center continued to weigh heavily on the hearts of many. A task force was put together to explore the possibilities. One option was to partner with a clinic that was already up and operating—the LC Clinic in Stuart, Iowa. The LC Clinic focuses on offering men and women medically accurate and non-judgmental care, allowing their clients the opportunity to make informed decisions for themselves regarding their health.

Timing was important. How could we get a clinic going soon and have it be a clinic that was reputable? This is where the “God Plan” begins to reveal itself in a significant way. God was making this more than a talking point. God was going to make it a reality! LC Clinic in Stuart wanted to open a branch clinic in Creston. This solved a lot of the problems of opening a clinic on our own.

Then came the next step in the “God Plan.” It was asked, “What if the old Planned Parenthood building could be the location for the LC Clinic in Creston?” It was proposed that we start raising funds for a portable ultrasound machine that could be shared between the Creston and Stuart locations. To raise the funds, we thought outside the box and decided to have a trap shoot at the local gun range!

There was good response from the business community—and there was a “God Plan” in this as well. A local tattoo artist was asked to be one of those supporting businesses. At first, great hesitation was expressed by this person about sponsoring an event of this type and for this cause. By God’s grace and mercy, He used the words spoken by ordinary people to change the heart of this tattoo artist. This business became a significant supporter of the event.

A “God Plan” is not always our plan. We may be hesitant to approach some people, unsure of what to say, how to say it, or whether it will even be received. Yet we trust in God to bring the right attitude and words to our mouths because His attitude toward us is not to deal with us as sinners but as His chosen children.

It was wonderful to see the response from the community—and to see the donations come in! This is an example of a fun event that brought awareness about our clinic and its work. God worked His miracle and we watched. All those who attended had a wonderful time.

Right now, we are witnessing another part of the “God Plan.” Remember the idea—that we believe God planted—about the Planned Parenthood building? It is a reality. The LC Clinic has purchased it and will open its Creston office in this building. A building that had been used to take the lives of so many precious children is going to be a place that God uses to save children. We have witnessed a “God Plan” realized and a community brought together. Now we wait in eager anticipation of the next “God Plan.”

Lori Trinche is the Mission & Ministry Coordinator for Lutherans For Life. 708.839.1200 ext. 225/