February 16, 2012

The Greek word, αιρεσις (hair-e-sis), means “choice.” It is often translated “heresy” when describing a wrong choice, a choice contrary to the way of God (Acts 24:14 KJV). Thus, the popular pro-abortion phrase, “the right to choose,” could be, “the right to heresy,” and “pro-choice” would be “pro-heresy” if the choice is contrary to the way of God.

Everyone knows that “pro-choice” equals “pro-abortion” and the “right to choose” means the choice of abortion. Since abortion is the murder of a human being, clearly prohibited in Exodus 20:13, such choosing is heresy. Pushing this a little further, those who support such statements would be heretics!

I hesitated to develop this line of reasoning for fear of initiating a name-calling frenzy among fellow Christians. This would serve no purpose and only further entrench people with opposing views. My intent, however, is to help us all remember the very serious and theological nature of abortion and of the position of defending it as a “right.” Abortion goes beyond political or social or moral. Abortion is heresy, a choice contrary to the way of God. For a Christian to agree to the wrongness of abortion but defend it as a right is, therefore, not tenable. It is neither proper nor loving to support a fellow Christian’s right to heresy.

On the contrary, Christians are compelled to confront this heresy as they would any false doctrine. Abortion is a heresy that actual undermines many doctrines. It undermines the doctrine of creation for it destroys the work of God’s hands (Psalm 139:13). It undermines the doctrine of redemption by making light of the value given every human life from the moment of conception by the atoning sacrifice of Jesus “for all” (Hebrews 10:10). Abortion undermines the doctrine of sanctification as it destroys someone God desires to call into an eternal relationship with Him (1 Timothy 2:4).

Christians confront heresy with another Greek word, αληθειας (al-ay-thi-is)—TRUTH. The truth of God’s Word exposes what we are to be against and reveals what we are FOR! The Church cannot just be against abortion, it must be FOR LIFE! Sharing the truth of the immeasurable value God gives to life not only exposes the heresy of abortion it also prevents Christians from falling prey to this heresy. For those who have been seduced by the heresy of abortion, the truth offers The Way back, Jesus Christ and His grace.

Lutherans For Life will continue to equip Lutherans to confront the heresy of abortion and to connect the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the life issues so that αληθειας triumphs over αιρεσις!