December 5, 2013

(Also see LifeDate – Winter 2012 & Spring 2013.)

October 17, 2013

“I have just returned from Petrozavodsk in Russia. Two seminars took place [at the] Ingrian Lutheran Church in Petrozavodsk. I did the “Alpha of Life” presentation … After the seminar, one woman came to me and said that she was carrying the guilt of abortion for many years, but now she heard what Don Richman and I told [her] and she could give it to Jesus through prayer. Many questions were asked about IVF, post-abortion syndrome and other life issues. We had answers. One man during the seminar changed his mind and decided not to divorce his wife and fight for his family. I heard that after the Don’s presentation one woman called her friend to save the life of the baby who was going to be aborted … Life issues were the top issues those three days in Petrozavodsk … I hope that the impact will last for a long time. We left a lot of literature [with] young pro-life pastors and young congregation members who understood the sanctity of life …”