May 28, 2014

Dr. Lamb recently received an update from Janis Diekonts of Lutherans For Life of Latvia. Dr. Lamb wrote, “I wanted you all to be ‘up to speed’ with our work in Latvia … We sent some funds with Don Richman [LFL’s International Representative] to help with his financial situation. He is a fine young man dedicated—as you can tell—to serving Christ, His Church, and His gift of life. Remember him occasionally in your prayers.”

Here are excerpts from Janis’s email:

“Dear Jim, I would like to thank you and Don for your help you have sent us. It came just in the right time. We were in a financial struggle due the car accident last year—when our car was destroyed—and my sickness the first two months of this year … There was a concern that we will completely run out of money soon and we didn’t know what to do. So we just prayed to God in Jesus name, because He is the only one who could help us in this situation. In a Skype call with Don Richman he asked what we would like him to pray for and I mentioned our financial situation … It was a great surprise when he came and gave us the money. It was just the right amount to get us out of the debt we had. So we would like to say thanks to God who provided for us and to you and Don who made it possible …

“We had a great week together with Don. This was great opportunity to speak about life issues in the Lutheran seminary in Riga and in three Lutheran congregations. The Gospel was proclaimed in a clear and simple way. I’m really thankful for that. I include a photo of us standing in front of two oaks which were planted by a German Lutheran pastor—Ernests Gliks—who translated the Bible into Latvian in the 17th century. They are still green and in good condition now. He planted God’s word in our nation and created Latvian writing from nothing to do that. One oak was planted by him when he translated the New Testament and other one when he translated Old Testament. This is the place where the Latvian nation got God’s word in our native language. May God bless you and your ministry for life.”