March 14, 2023

by Pastor Michael Salemink

After Dobbs, there is celebration and rejoicing. The Supreme Court vacated Roe v. Wade’s mandatory abortion access framework. Gospel-motivated voices For Life have prevailed with God’s truth and Christ’s love. The population is paying attention to the sanctity of life. Abortions are decreasing in several jurisdictions and ceasing entirely in some states.

After Dobbs, abortions will continue. Certain locations are doubling down and expanding funding and facilities for it. Women and men still experience surprise pregnancies. “Pill” or “medication” abortion chemicals are becoming available online, across borders, and at neighborhood pharmacies with minimal supervision, if any.

After Dobbs, misinformation is multiplying. Preserving women’s lives during pregnancy complications rarely, if ever, requires abortion. New restrictions do not affect care for miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies. Science does not classify embryos as parasites and has no dispute about when human life begins. Scripture does not approve of or allow for abortions. Christians delight to assist and support after childbirth. And pregnancy resource centers do not mislead or manipulate.

After Dobbs, dangerous measures and mindsets remain. Popular rhetoric is pushing acceptance of physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia. Mass media and universities are undermining biblical sexuality and biological gender. Genetic engineering research and procedures produce embryos for mutilation. In vitro fertilization and surrogacy receive widespread praise without regulations or reflections upon children’s welfare. Intrauterine devices and hormonal contraceptives can end lives before implantation.

After Dobbs, neighbors need healing. Hearts and bodies have been broken by the abortion of their own children. Many secretly suffer guilt and silently struggle with grief. Grace and forgiveness cherish their lives as precious as the ones that were lost.

After Dobbs, our message and ministry matter more than ever. The scabs have come off, and the time has arrived for diagnosis and remedy, relief and prevention. The land is listening, so let us speak truth with courage. The world is watching, so let us show love and compassion. Abortion has only ever represented a symptom. The sickness has always consisted of the deeper reality of sin. So, law never embodied the finish line or the prize. Our Savior’s victory invites us to settle for nothing less than sharing life, abundant and everlasting, with each human being and receiving them all as gift and privilege.

Let’s press ahead with renewed enthusiasm!