May 26, 2016

We are so excited to have Sarah join our team this summer as the first Y4Life intern. She will be learning all about the ministry of Lutherans For Life, helping us at conferences this summer, and giving valuable input about the future of Y4Life ministries. Read on to learn more about Sarah!

Name: Sarah Krueger

Hometown: New Braunfels, Texas

School: Concordia University Texas

Major: Director of Christian Education


I love being outside! Anything that involves hiking, camping, or swimming is my favorite. I also love reading so if you have any good recommendations, be sure to let me knowJ.

What are your passions and interests?

I am passionate about children’s advocacy. I love working with kids and being in ministry. I want to be a vessel for Christ wherever He places me.

Why are you For Life?

I am For Life because I believe that every life is created by God and is precious. He hand-knit each and every person and gave us a purpose.

What motivated you to get involved with Y4Life?

I have a heart for women who have unexpected pregnancies. I want to be a person people can come to when they are struggling. Y4Life does some amazing work on college campuses that I am blessed to be a part of, and I cannot wait to learn more about!

What are you most excited about this summer?

I am excited for everything! I love traveling and sharing my passion with others. This internship will give me the opportunity to learn more about Y4Life, experience new places, and share my source of joy with kids and adults!

Please keep Sarah and her ministry in your prayers this summer. Any questions and words of welcome and encouragement can be sent to