February 25, 2013

You don’t have to look very hard to see that the Lutheran landscape is changing, especially in the last five years. The fourth and fifth largest Lutheran church bodies (Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ/North American Lutheran Church) in the United States weren’t even in existence 15 years ago.

While Lutheran denominations differ on some specifics of doctrine, the mission of Lutherans For Life transcends those differences. One of the things  which we will be continuing to focus on is reaching out to ALL Lutherans. After all, our mission statement is, “Equipping Lutherans to be Gospel motivated voices For Life.” The For Life/Gospel-centered message of life needs to be heard and applied and affirmed in every congregation—in every church body. 

Right now, in all church bodies, people are struggling with everything from unplanned pregnancies to infertility, with sexual purity, and with end-of-life decisions. LFL is making a concerted, intentional effort to reach out to members of all Lutheran bodies—and YOU can help in several ways. 

First, we need to let people in all Lutheran bodies know that Lutherans For Life exists and that we have some great resources (videos, brochures, booklets, curricula, and more!) to share and great ways to serve. But it all costs money. We could REALLY use your help with funding this outreach effort.

Second, we could use your help getting the word out. You know about Lutherans For Life. You probably know a Lutheran who doesn’t know about Lutherans For Life. If everyone who reads this would just tell three people about Lutherans For Life, we could touch over 100,000 people who never knew that there was such an organization before. Think of the impact you could have just by telling three  people that Lutherans For Life exists!

How can you tell someone about Lutherans For Life? 

  • Bring up something that you heard in the Life Sunday message. 

  • “Like” the Lutherans For Life Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter, and then “Share” some article or video from that page that really impacted you.

  • Don’t throw out this edition of LifeDate. Give it to someone you know or take it to another Lutheran church in your area. Also consider ordering LifeDate in bulk to share with everyone in your congregation.

  • Encourage your congregation to use Life Quotes, Life Thoughts in the Church Year, and Life News.

  • Don’t be afraid to speak affirmatively about life issues. The other side isn’t afraid to give their point of view.

All of us in Lutherans For Life, whatever our church body, have our differences, but we are UNITED by a love of the Lord of LIFE. Help us to spread the word about LUTHERANS For Life!