December 5, 2013


God is busy in Indiana creating new Life Teams—and lots of interest there in local congregations! LFL of Indiana State President, Keith Alabach, facilitated a Life Team 101 training event in October at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne. (See photo above.) The event attracted members from Emmanuel, St. Michael’s, St. Paul’s, Concordia, and Holy Cross in Fort Wayne; Living Waters in Wolf Lake, and St. James in Marion, encompassing seven congregations, two LFL chapters, and a pastor who attends classes at Concordia, Fort Wayne—all interested in working with a future Life Team there.

God is busy in Texas with our new Life Team at St. Paul Lutheran (NALC), Yorktown! Jean Amundson, Renewal For Life Director of Texas, facilitated a training session there for new members in September. 

God is busy in Illinois with our Life Team at Cross Yorkville that has just finished up a major project in organizing a baby memorial at Cross to honor the lives of those lost to abortion and miscarriage or any other pregnancy loss. Their desire was to create a place to grieve, a place to draw close to God, and a place to receive His comfort and healing; as well as to recognize the value of each life God has created, regardless of how small. As part of this effort they will host an annual memorial service for anyone in the community who wishes to honor the life of an infant lost.

We are also thankful for the new Life Team starting up at St. John’s in East Moline, Illinois, under the leadership of Vicar Alex Lange. Vicar Lange is starting the team as part of an evangelism outreach into the community and will work with the congregational leadership to continue the team when he returns to Concordia, St. Louis to finish up his seminary work.

These are just a few of the many places Life Teams are starting and at work across the country. If you have a story to share about your Life Team, or want more information on starting a Life Team, please contact me at To God be the glory!