June 9, 2014

Photo above: Jean Garton with Eugene Linse

Lutherans For Life joins with the family and friends of Dr. Eugene Linse in grieving his death, but also in rejoicing in and celebrating all that God did through his life. Here is an excerpt from LFL’s history.

“Seventeen people attended a meeting in St. Louis on May 24, 1977, initiated by Dr. Ralph Bohlmann, Rev. Sam Nafzger, and Dr. J.A.O. Preus. As a result, a committee consisting of Jack Eichhorst, ALC theologian; Jean Garton, LCMS laywoman; Leigh Jordahl, LCA professor; and Eugene Linse, LCMS professor, met at Concordia College, St. Paul, Minnesota, on August 22, 1978, to consider an organizational structure. A name was chosen; a philosophy was adopted; and officers were selected. Garton became President; Eichhorst, Vice President; Jordahl, Secretary; and Linse, Executive Director.”

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