February 25, 2016

It’s no secret that our Lutheran church bodies are declining in membership. Since Lutherans For Life is made up of Lutherans, it’s possible that we may have fewer supporters to call upon in upcoming years also. Yet, the battle For Life will continue on life and death issues from abortion to euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide.

So, should we be in despair over how Gospel-centered, Lutheran life advocacy will be maintained and funded in the future? The answer is no! (Or at least it can be.) 

How so? Because you and other dedicated friends can continue to financially support LFL by leaving a gift through your will or estate plan. This can be done by designating the ministry to receive a percentage of your church extension account, IRA, life insurance policy, or other account. You can also leave a bequest via your will.

The result will be that LFL can continue to receive the financial help it needs after you are in Heaven. May His will be done!

To help foster estate gifts, LFL created the Life Legacy Society. In doing so, LFL was looking to:

  • Encourage additional supporters to consider leaving an estate gift to the ministry

  • Help take “inventory” of gifts that can be expected in the future

  • Thank those who have indicated to us that they intend to leave a gift

If you are already a member of the Life Legacy Society, our heartfelt thanks in Christ! If you are not a member but have designated a future gift, you can download a form to complete and send back by going to www.lutheransforlife.org/life-legacy-society. If it’s easier, feel free to request a brochure and form by contacting me at 512.468.9777 or jhawkins@lutheransforlife.org.

Last but not least, if you would like information on leaving an estate gift to LFL or the Life Legacy Society, feel free to contact me also. (Note: all inquiries are kept confidential. You also have the option to keep your membership anonymous by so indicating on the enrollment form.)

Many thanks in Jesus Christ!