Reverend N.V. Abbott by David & Evelyn Richter; Reverend Dr. Paul M. Adams by Janet Adams; Milton Adkins, Jr. by Ronald & Betty Orovitz; Marjorie Ainsworth by Lawrence Ainsworth; Beulah Oelberg Amundson by Inez Leppert; Michael, Michelle, and Heidi by Suzy McKay; Colene Armbrecht by Lisa Groth; Colene Armbrecht by James and RoxAnne Lamb; Colene Armbrecht by Daniel & Sara Wacker; Colene Armbrecht by Myrtis Kuhlman; Colene Armbrecht by Dorothy Mehlisch; Colene Armbrecht by David & Kay Schmidt; Colene Armbrecht by Edith Armbrecht; Colene Armbrecht by Hugo & Muriel Armbrecht; Colene Armbrecht by Walter & Shannon Lawson; Colene Armbrecht by Shawn & Mary Luczkowski; Colene Armbrecht by Tom & Susan Star; Colene Armbrecht by William & Gwen Ward; Colene Armbrecht by Velma Ziesemer; Colene Armbrecht by Bonnie Riese; Colene Armbrecht by Raymond & Karen Gerke; Colene Armbrecht by L.I. & M.D. Beckett; Colene Armbrecht by Dorothy Edler; Colene Armbrecht by Margaret Speers; Colene Armbrecht by Rev. Lawrence Schmidt; Colene Armbrecht by Chris & Connie Hand; Colene Armbrecht by Carol Grimminger; Colene Armbrecht by Dr. Russell & Shirley Anthony; Colene Armbrecht by Howard & Merikay Hennis; Colene Armbrecht by Mark Armbrecht; Colene Armbrecht by Art & Sandy Duncan; Colene Armbrecht by Trisha Adams; Colene Armbrecht by Charles & Nancy Rees; Colene Armbrecht by Richard & Gretchen Hartwig; Colene Armbrecht by Tim & Rhoda Davis; Colene Armbrecht by Kenneth Armbrecht; John and Mary Arneson by Rod & Donna Yarish; Harry Ashby by Luella Weber; Darlene Asman by Donald Bartling; Carl and Esther Asmus by Gerhardt Asmus; Florence Bader by Henry Bader; Lilia Baltzell by Ron & Carol Jochimsen; Irma (Dolly) Barron by David Harmon; Forest Bartz by Ron Duchrow; Robert L. Baseley by Marjorie Baseley; Reverend George Baumgartner by O E Krohn; Don Benda by Roger & Carolyn Kahler; Jean Benskin by Luella Weber; Brock Benson by Mark & Cynthia Otteman; Liam Bergsvik by Karen Otte Bergsvik; Patricia J. Berk by Martin Berk; Ray Berndt by Larry & Shirley Bayless; Keith Berner by Dian Turnwall; Edward and Lillian Betker by Beverly Betker; Clarence Beyer by Duane & Diane Schlobohm; Madeline K. Birst by Kenneth Birst; Barton Bluhm by Josephine Rusert; Clifford Boehme by Katie Haley; Robert Boehnke by Richard & Gayle Boehnke; Robert Boehnke by William & Lavonne Lehmpuhl; Pat Bohlmann by Dorothy Grummer Stewart; Selah Tempest Boldt by Alan & Peggy Day; Claudine Bonner by Ruth Germeroth; Betty Borchers by Steve & Coleen Menden; Jason Bossmann by Robert Wilson; Bob Brandt by Harriet Brandt; Lorraine Brauer by Lois Brauer; Nira Elizabeth Brehob by Norman Brehob; David Brenner by Vernon Kraft; Reverend H. Lane Bridges by Judy Bridges; Gene Briest by Eunice Bremer; Zayden Brollier by Natalie Wehrman; Nancy Ann Brown by Eugene F Brown; Erica Brown by Cliff & Betty Berry; Diane Brown by Denise Lucas; Barbara Brunworth by Gerald Brunworth; Fern Bryant by Hugo & Muriel Armbrecht; Lucille Buchholz by William & Elaine Uffenbeck; Francis Buckmeier by Evelyn Buckmeier; Harold Bunge by Miriam Bunge ; Arlene Theis Busch by Doris Kraegel; Johanna Rafert Buuck by Gretchen Etzler; Reverend Frank Camann by Doris Camann; Juanita Carey by Katherine Friedrich; Hosea Carnes by Don Meyer; Ruby Charlton by Will & Bev Charlton; Shirley Cheshier by Jay & Jeanne Mackay; Shirley Cheshier by Linda Copleand; Reverend Marvin Clausen by Vernon Clausen; Joanne Cornelius by William & Elaine Uffenbeck; Dano Cornett by Paul & Carolyn Dorr; Lloyd Cox by Eunice Bremer; Thomas Edward Cramer by Lidja Rudelitsch; Reverend Gilbert Croll by Dorothy Croll; Kay Ann Crosby by Ian & Deb McDonald; Donald Daane by Larry & Donna Klosterman; Marian Dahlke by Ken & Nola Duescher; Reba Davis by Charles & Nancy Rees; Norma Davis by Gary & Melita Schaar; Norma Davis by John Strasen; Norma Davis by Ruth Germeroth; Norma Davis by Carol Schaar; Marlis Davitz’s father by Allan & Donna Benson; Carl Deepe by Julia Deepe; George DeGrood Jr by Gary & Barbara Mrosko; Dolores Dehning by Frederick Dehning; Gail Dellermann by Frank Dellermann; Daniel Detert by Jerry & Billye Roseleip; Jerry Dickey by Luella Weber; their grandson baby Diegel by Andy & Sue Eskelinen; Elaine Dieter by Fred & Judith Otten; Rick Dittmar by Joan Dittmar; Marjori Dockter by Kevin & Linda Patch; Deloris Doebert by Steve & Coleen Menden; James Dougan by Dennis & Elaine West; Benjamin Downs by Laverne Downs; Sylva Drevs by Myrtis Kuhlman; Ronald D. DuBois by Caroline DuBois; Patricia Ducey by William Ducey; August  Duescher by Steve & Coleen Menden; August Duescher by Ken & Nola Duescher; Arnold Dunker by Roger & Carolyn Kahler; Donald Duoss by William & Elaine Uffenbeck; Ruth Dwyer by Adeline Gutz; Joi Kircher Ebel by Arlo & Jeanette Kircher; Elaine Edler by Luella Weber; Elaine Edler by Charles & Nancy Rees; Iona Edwards by Luella Weber; Jordaan H. Eggers by Ruth M Eggers; Aagot and John Eide by Thora Eide; Jody Ellen by Dean & Shirley Hess; Ron Ellingson by Walter & Marilyn Johnson; Doris Sundheim Elliott by Doris Sundheim Elliott Memorial Foundation; Chuck Groth and Perlon Engelby by Steven & Kathryn Fosness; Perlon Engelby by Ruth Engelby; Janet Fagerhaug by Joan Kruse; Daryl Moore by Paul & Linda Bartlett; James Feldscher by Daniel & Ruth Feldscher; Eldora Fick by Gerhard Fick; Thomas Fischer by William & Elaine Uffenbeck; Ray Flewelling by Don Meyer; Ron Flewelling, Sr. by Reverend & Mrs. Don Meyer; Lydia Ford by Marilyn Dahl; Lorelei Ruth Frank by Thomas & Corrine Frank; Nancy Freitag by Lawrence Freitag; William Fricke by Luella Weber; Ron Fritz by Marvin & Delores Kading; Bob Fruhling by Mark & Cynthia Otteman; Donald Furman by Reiny & Maureen Friedrich; Chic Garton by Arthur & Evelyn Baisch; Reverend Chic Garton by Paul & Linda Bartlett; Chic Garton by Gerald & Jo Ann Epperson; Reverend Horace ‘Chic’ Garton by Charles A. Gierke; Chic Garton by Mike & Diane Albers; Chic Garton by Jay & Jeanne Mackay; Pastor Horace Garton by Orville & Anna Nieman; Anna Gaull by Martha Goeke; Anna Gaull by Keith and Mary Wornson; Anna Gaull by Martha Jenkins; Anna Gaull by Charles and Ruth Thompson; Anna Gaull by June Lueckert; Anna Gaull by Doris Mann; Gerry Gene by Ron & Arlys Gilson; Reverend Robert Gentzke by Marjorie Gentzke; Thomas Geocaris, MD by Ken & Nola Duescher; Betty Gergo by Charles & Regina Reinschmidt; Kenneth Gerling by Beverly Sarafolean; Charles R. Germer by Elizabeth Germer; Ronald GeRue by William & Elaine Uffenbeck; Rose Godbersen by Don Meyer; Rose L. Graham by Richard Graham; Neal Graunke by Ken & Nola Duescher; Harold Grebe by Bernice Gronbach; Lavonne Greiner by Charles & Nancy Rees; Lavonne Greiner by Trisha Adams; Susan Grinsteinner by Ray Grinsteinner; Paul Grotelueschen by Gary & Jean Peters; Paul Grotelueschen by Tim & Betty Henry; Paul Grotelueschen by Norman Groteluschen; Paul Grotelueschen by Jim & Diane Barjenbruch; Paul Grotelueschen by Joan Grotelueschen; Leonard Gruetzmacher by Ken & Nola Duescher; Vera Guotana by Esther Ban; Leah Barri Habrecht by Richard Habrecht; Eleanor T. Hahn by William & Elaine Uffenbeck; Ernie Hanamann by Ken & Nola Duescher; Sterling Hansen by Betty Knudsen; Laverne Harder by Don & Margaret Heithold; Ronald Harm by Carol Harm; Lenora Hartwig by Richard & Gayle Boehnke; Dean Hartwig by Hugo & Muriel Armbrecht; Dean Hartwig by Charles & Nancy Rees; Craig Hasemeyer by Kenneth Armbrecht; Ruth Hass by LeRoy Hass; Vi Hatch by Reiny & Maureen Friedrich; Mildred Havemeyer by Dolores Lenarski; Doris Heine by Allan & Donna Benson; Theodore Hellmann by Doris Hellmann; Barbara L. Hellmers by Dwight & Cathy Hellmers; Helen Henry by Concordia Lutheran Women’s Missionary League; Stephen and Lauren Hentz by Bob & Marion Hentz; Lois Hesse by Lester Osten; Reverend A.E. Heumann by Tom Morofski; Linda Hilgert by David Hilgert; Mr. and Mrs. A. Hinkelman by Gerald Hinkelman; Lowell R. Hoelmer by LaVon Hoelmer; Sharon Hoech by Gary Hoech; Edwin K. Holz by Patricia Holz; Lila Ethlyn Honebrink by Ethlyn Potratz; Olivia Grace Honebrink by Ethlyn Potratz; Norman Huwe by Richard & Gayle Boehnke; Andrew Irvin by Byron & Donna Zuehlk; David Jacoby by Miriam Plitt; Charlene Jacque by Carol Huck; Warren and Lois Jaech by John & Eunice Graham; Charlene Jacque by Edith Armbrecht; Joel Edward Johnson by Alice Buck; Carl “Rudy“ Johnson by Donald Bluemer; Ruth Johnson by Friedrich & Marlene Reinke; Merlyn Johnson by Kevin & Linda Patch; Robert Quamme Johnson by Walter & Marilyn Johnson; Lillian Joseph by Leonard Marquardt; Lee and Dwight Juers by Muriel Juers; Robert Just by Jennie Just; Kenneth Kahl by Edith Kahl; Ralph Kaiser by Edith Armbrecht; Paul Kaldahl by Joyce Kaldahl; Thelma Kamman by David & Myrna Lou Meyer; Matthew Wesley Kettell by Diane Kutz; Willard Kettner by Phyllis Terry; Brett Kimbrough by Walter Miller; Pastor and Mrs M.G. Kirsch and Alice Kirsch by Martin Kirsch; Shirley Klabunde by Otto Klabunde; Edie Klemp by Jerry & Audrey Sabrowsky; Mille Kloess by Allan & Donna Benson; Lowell Klute by Welma Klute; Marguerite Koester by L. Edward Furr; Connie Kohler by Rev. & Mrs. Don Meyer; Geraldine Kohlmeyer by Charles Kohlmeyer; Reverend Paul H. Koschmann by Dennis & Monica Boesdorfer; Paul H. Koschmann by Jane Webster; Paul Koschmann by Mark & Dorothy Koschmann; Reverend Paul H. Koschmann by Immanuel Lutheran Church; Reverend Paul Koschmann by Marlene Koschmann; Elmer Kuck by Dorothy Kuck; Margaret Kuehne by JoAnne Lundgren; Bea Lamb by Katherine Friedrich; Bonita Lambrecht by Lorene Batenhorst; Reverend Edward Lang by Marjorie Lang; Geneva Langebartels by Ken & Linda Haselhuhn; Carrie Langholz by Ervin Langholz; Betty Larson by Herman & Bernadine Burger; Blake Edward Lattimore by Virgil & Kathleen Rosin; Parker Laverty by Michael & Marsha Baebler; Reverend L.R. Lechner by Jane Lechner; Glenard Lenz by James & Sally Beckendorf; Anna Letsche by Don Meyer; Ann Lieske by Bruce Lieske; Mary Lindell by Reiny & Maureen Friedrich; Gail Szczesny and Lin-Li Chou Shih by Jonathan & Ya-Fen Szczesny; Margaret Lion by Allan & Donna Benson; Roland H. Lippert by John & Jane Lippert; Robert & Marylin Looft by Nanci Jahn; Lorraine Lowe by Bernice Gronbach; Molly Lundquist by Carolyn Wetzel; Elaine Lyons by Mark & Lynne Truax; Richard Manzey by Roger & Carolyn Kahler; Hilda Marburger by James Leidholdt; Xochitl Marin by Rebecca Marin; Joann Martin by Paul Martin; Richard Maske by JoAnn Maske; Lauren McCall by Trisha Adams; George Melke Sr. by Bernie Dille; Pastor Mark Meschke by Juanita Meschke; Carol Meyer by Arleen Williamson; Melvin Meyer by Irma Meyer; Phyllis Meyer by Richard & Gayle Boehnke; Erine Miedema by Kevin & Linda Patch; Margaret Miller by Richard & Laurie Brackett; Margaret Miller by Warren & Barbara Stark; Gerald Millerwise by Kathryn Millerwise; Corey Mirabal by Melody Hofferber; Arthur & Meta Moldenhauer by Herbert Moldenhauer; Daryl Moore by James and Roxanne Lamb; Daryl Moore by Daniel & Sara Wacker; Daryl Moore by Hugo & Muriel Armbrecht; Daryl Moore by Bruce & Deborah Lakamp; Daryl Moore by Charles & Nancy Rees; Alex Foell and Daryl Moore by Kelly Hartwig; Daryl Moore by Rodney & Dawn Rathmann; Daryl Moore by Edith Armbrecht; Daryl Moore by Richard & Gretchen Hartwig; Daryl Moore by Lowell Highby; Daryl Moore by Myrtis Kuhlman; Daryl Moore by Kathryn Moore; Gerald Muehlmeier by Daryl & Karen Doeden; Robert Mueller by Dineen Mueller; Jeremiah Muskopf by Christopher & Anne Muskopf; Arlyn Neuhaus by Don Meyer; Maureen Neuser by Rosemary Wold; Maureen Neuser by Alice Hackstein; Maureen Neuser by Ricky & Sandra Schultz; Maureen Neuser by David & Patricia Engen; Maureen Neuser by Alpha-Omega LFL # 076; Maureen Neuser by Dorothy Duchow; Maureen Neuser by Barbara J Schulz; Maureen Neuser by Norbert & Suzanne Badten; Paul Nickel by Alvin & Carol Schmidt; Ella Nicolle by Martha Williams; Dr. Gary Nielsen by Patricia Nielsen; Wayne Nordholm by Phyllis Nordholm; Edwina Oddo by Ralph Price; Betty Oehlsen by Richard Oehlsen; Darlene Oerman by Robert & Charlotte Hamilton; Darlene Oerman by Joan Pinkerton; Darlene Oerman by Donald & Jancie Ortmeier; Darlene Oerman by C.W. Thomas; Darlene Oerman by Lowell & Janet Bloemker; Darlene Oerman by Carol Oerman; Darlene Oerman by Wayne & Mary Panning; Darlene Oerman by Glenn & Gay Blomendahl; Darlene Oerman by James Dam; Darlene Oerman by Sylvia Clark; Darlene Oerman by Merlin Oerman; Darlene Oerman by Chris & Melissa Oerman; Darlene Oerman by David & Ruth Sprengeler; Darlene J. Oerman by Merlin Oerman; Terry Gean Ohlensehlen by Dennis & Carol Jean Ohlensehlen; Trevor Ohmann by George & Marian Kirchner; Rosemary O’Malley by Jay & Jeanne Mackay; Vernon Osheim by John & Debra Haugen; Theresa Ostrowski by Allan & Donna Benson; Kay Othmer by Robert & Mildred Bartels; Jim Otto by Marvin & Delores Kading; Gary Penningrath by Daniel & Sheryl Zinda; Janet Peter by Steve & Coleen Menden; Eldon Peters by Vernon Kraft; Phyllis Peterson by Larry & Karen Neuhaus; Eleanor Petzel by Allan & Donna Benson; Vera Pfantz by Kenneth Armbrecht; Vera Pfantz by Hugo & Muriel Armbrecht; Vera Pfantz by Edith Armbrecht; Vera Pfantz by Charles & Nancy Rees; James Pinckney by Ruth Pinckney; Matthew Pooker by Norman & Lois Pooker; Matthew Pooker by George & Velma Nordine; James A. Powell by Janice Powell; Merlin  Prahl by Ken & Nola Duescher; Ruth Precht by Ken Precht; Diana`s Angels Project Babies by Marvin & Patricia Farr; Palma Rabe by Margaret Mesmer; Roger Rappe by Roberta Rappe; Venice Rathe by Marvin & Marilyn Barz; Venice Rathe by Edith Armbrecht; Agnes Recknor by Donald Keyes; Alfred Rehwinkel by James Boldt; Orville Ricker by Greg & Peg Volzke; Wilbert Robinson by Karen Robinson; Allen Rollins by Marvin & Delores Kading; Albert, Willa, and Lydia Roth by Virginia Cronenberger; Lyla Ryan by Gwen Helgenberger; Dennis Sandven by Byron & Donna Zuehlk; Pamela Kay Sassaman by Roger Sassaman; Rebecca Sattelmeier by Glenn & Lorraine Sattelmeier; Alice Sauder by Fred Sauder; Marian E. Sauer by David Preuss; Grace Margaret Sautel by Joyce Mueller; Reverend Armin C. Schaefer by Audrey Schaefer; Laura Schaefer by Alfred & Marian Schiemann; Kay Schafer by Edward & Eileen Brandt; Cal Schaible by Rodney & Dawn Rathmann; Calvin Schaible by Gail Waagen; Cal Schaible by Jolene Richardson; Calvin Schaible by Beth Schaible; Calvin Schaible by Robert Rosenvold; Calvin Schaible by LFL of North Dakota; Calvin Schaible by Robert & Alice Ganskop; Cal Schaible by Jay & Jeanne Mackay; Nadine Schieble by Tom & Becky Hewett; Frank Schill by Reiny & Maureen Friedrich; Kim and Lauren Schmid by Robert & Erna Schmid; Katherine Schmidt by LeRoy & Carol Schmidt; Matthew Schmidtke by Gary & Dorothy Schmidtke; Lois Schnare by Sandra Reiter; Gregory and Lawrence Schneider by James Boldt; Loretta Schoessel by Carl Schoessel; Mary and Merlyn Schram by Maribeth Schram; Oliver and Florence Schrieber by Ruth Hecht; Edna Schukat by Barbara Kurth; Reverend and Mrs. E.J. Sedory by Daniel Sedory; William Seis by Randy Walquist; Glenn Sharp by Byron & Donna Zuehlk; Reverend Lowell Sheldahl by LeRoy W. & Kathleen Schierkolk; Scott Siebenborn by Danny Nietfeld; Leonard Siekert by Joy Siekert; Leila K. Smith by Gerald & Sharon Irwin; Joyce Smith by Charles & Nancy Rees; Doris Sonntag by Thomas Sonntag; Eldon Sorbe by Don Meyer; Scot Sparks by James Boldt; Agnes Spilde by Kevin & Linda Patch; Elsie Stanfield by Larry & Shirley Bayless; Mary Stanfield by Luella Weber; Mary Stanfield by Ethel Tietje; Erika Steiner by Paul & Pam Steiner; Richard Stephan by Steve & Coleen Menden; Treasa Lynn Stough by Gary Stough; Darrell Stowater by Don Meyer; Bertha Stuckwisch by Colin & Linda Scheidt; Bertha Stuckwisch by Randy & Jill Scheidt; Bertha Stuckwisch by Bruce & Natalie Pollert; Allison Swartz by David & Annarae Schorzman; Jeff Z. Swenson by Anna Bocklage; Orrin and Patricia Swindler by Susan Barr; Alice Tepe by Ron & Carol Jochimsen; Mary K. Theilen by Loren Theilen; Leota Tietz by Don Meyer; Leota Tietz by Donald & Dorothy Schutte; Marion Blaess and Timothy Wilhelm by Betty Wilhelm; Karen Tjelmeland by Phyllis Terry; Elvira Toelle by Brian Hoge; George William Trimpe by Melody Hofferber; Marianne Truppner by George Truppner; Ed Ufland by Sandra Ufland; Reynold Unger by Sylvia Unger;  Elsbeth Steinbach and Anita Holle by Werner & Connie Steinbach;  Harold and Viola Meier and Delbet Wyse by Gary Wyse;  her ancestors by Karen Freudenberg;  all the innocent children lost to abortion by Randall & Laverne Lafrentz;  the unborn by Joan Eng;  Colene Armbrecht and Daryl Moore by Helen Bunge;  Jim Downing, John Waters, Larry Thompson, Raymond Kahl and Marie Readinger by Janet Askew;  deceased family members by Joyce Thies;  her two sweet angels by Rebecca Kitzmann;  her child lost in miscarriage by Patricia Schneider;  their two babies in Jesus’ arms by David & Abigail Schlie;   unborn babies by Lynn Householder;  their mothers by Larry & Judy Striggow;  her grandchild by Hazel Puterbaugh;  your dad Frank Fisher and daughter Paula Fulton by Rosemary Fulton;  their first grandchild lost through miscarriage by Don & Beverly Hackbarth;  your aunt Lydia Roth and parents Albert and Willa Roth by Virginia Cronenberger;  an aborted grandchild by Glenn & Dawn Callander; Kenneth Roemke, Ann Roemke, and Diane Brown by Denise Lucas; Jeffrey Urquhart by Allan & Donna Benson; Martawn Veseth by Richard & Gayle Boehnke; Alvin Volkert by Don Meyer; Wayne Voltmer by Dennis & Carol Jean Ohlensehlen; William Henry Voss by Steve & Coleen Menden; Milt Wabner by Eileen Wabner; Ruth Wacker by Darryl Wacker; Mary Anna Waldron by Lois Grotenrath; Genevieve Aust Walker by Walker Family Charitable Foundation; Bill Walters by Robert, Nancy & Debra Lange; Dena Watts by Carolyn Johnsen; Bill Weber by Luella Weber; William Seth Weber by Charles & Nancy Rees; Lewis Webster by Jane Webster; David T. Werdin by Jerry & Billye Roseleip; Lillian Werner by N.J. Werner; John Westerveld by Don & Margaret Heithold; Jane Wheatall by Ward Wheatall; Renee Wiegert by Raymond & Dolores Wiegert; Ethan Grant Williams by Dennis & Judith Williams; Carl Wolters by Darla Wolters; Vance Roschan Wormley by La Verne Wormley; Brad Wright by Don & Arline Eberhardt; Eric George Zawasky by Edward & Claire Siebert; Martin Zeitler by Ken & Nola Duescher; deceased family members by Bob Hering; Anna Gaull by D.W. Rinne; Anna Gaull by Doris Anderson; Earl by Hulda Goecker; Megan by Frances Penney; Johnna Folkmann-Ask by Katherine Friedrich; Victoria’s child by Marta Murray; Marlyce and Bette by Linda Bonk;  Arlene Johnson and Don Matthes by Walter & Saundra Biermann; Mike & Elaine Carmichael; Jeremy Erickson by Kevin & Linda Patch;  Dona Rieck and Diane Jacque by Steve & Coleen Menden;  her oldest son by Norma Kovarna; Andrew by Harold & Ellanor Hoeferkamp;  Ray Sanders, Robert Pfeil, Darci Garvick, Roland Anderst, Richard Barke, and Charlotte Cobb by Steven & Kathryn Fosness; Jim by Lee Steinberg; Bernice by Marilyn Schkade; their son Chad by Christine Anderson; Grace by Robert Holland; their grandchild by Hazel Puterbaugh; Don Buchanan by Linda Larson; Tucker Wegner by Kevin & Linda Patch; Beverly Stepniak by Byron & Donna Zuehlk; Leila Smith by Mr. & Mrs. David Hanneman; James Dunlop by Byron & Donna Zuehlk; Rachel Adkins by Rev. Ronald & Betty Orovitz; Ardith Bredow by Our Redeemer LWML; Marilyn, Cheryl Edwards Stine by Wyandle Edwards; Deborah Schroeder by Rev. & Mrs. Alfred Rodewald; Calvin Schaible by Jerilyn Richard