Crisis Pregnancy Info and Links

Pregnancy centers typically provide you the following free services:

  • free pregnancy tests,
  • caring and confidential counseling from trained professionals,
  • medical referrals,
  • abortion and adoption information,
  • information about medical insurance or government assistance,
  • temporary shelter,
  • and much more.

Here are a few links to help you find the information you need.

Anencephaly Net
Pregnancy on Campus – Pregnancy Resources on Campus

Are you facing a dark, confusing time in your life right now? Perhaps you fear you are pregnant or have just learned that you are, indeed, pregnant. “You are pregnant.” How could those three little words cause so much trouble? Being a mother may have been a dream you hoped for at a time when you would be ready. As you imagined it, you would be rejoicing with someone who adored you and you would have the total support of those closest to you. But that is not how it is at this moment.

How could this happen? Suddenly the attraction you felt, the love you believed was real, the dreams you had, and the precautions you took have been overridden by the words, “You are pregnant.” Are you feeling shocked, alone, ashamed, angry, abandoned? Certainly, you are feeling overwhelmed. Not only has your world been shaken by the news but by what this pregnancy will mean to your relationships, your plans, and even your body. The pressure upon you and the emotional pain you are experiencing can be excruciating. You are facing a crisis.

A Promise for You

Right now you may feel surrounded by darkness and fear. Your dreams are shattered. You may be despairing that you will never see the goodness of the Lord in the world of the living. Your situation is not one randomly inflicted on you, but is part of an amazing story in which you have an important role to play. As you read on, you will discover the confusion will begin to subside. You will discover there are precious things that you never would have known except for these darkest of days. These dark days will give way to light and hope!

I will give you the treasures from dark places and hidden stockpiles. Then you will know that I, the Lord God of Israel, have called you by name. Isaiah 45:3 GOD’S WORD

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