March 14, 2023

by Virginia J. Flo, Director of Volunteer Relations

“If this be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of your hand, O king” (Daniel 3:17).

Having taken classes at the University of Minnesota, I get invited to attend their bioethics webinars—some of which have attention-grabbing topics. I attended one a few months ago that I couldn’t pass by: Beyond Abortion, the Consequences of Overturning Roe. I am not writing to disparage the U of M bioethics department, as they do provide some meaningful studies. However, in this session I sat at my computer stunned at what I saw and heard. What struck me the most was how the For Life movement was described and how, it was said, overturning Roe has created injustice for all women. This was done very methodically by a guest professor from another university and a lawyer representing a reproductive justice organization. While they both seemed like nice people, their cause is tainted.

The professor gave historical data going back to the 1850s stating that a fair amount of the For Life movement is founded on racism, eugenics, and white supremacy—and made a case that all women, are negatively affected by the Dobbs decision. She made a point to say this includes all people capable of getting pregnant—even those who do not identify as women—and showed a picture of a transgender pregnant couple to make her point.

The lawyer made the case that our Constitution has rights that cannot and should not be changed by the states. Thus, for the Supreme Court to turn the abortion decision back to the states is an infringement on women’s rights. (I am not a constitutional scholar, but I don’t believe abortion is listed as a basic right in the Constitution.)

Equally as disturbing were the examples of incarceration shared by both presenters for women who lost their babies through miscarriage, still birth, or a self-managed abortion. Examples were also given of drug abuse causing women to be charged with not maintaining a healthy body and then put in jail. Forced cesarean surgery was also stated as a misdirected means to protect a baby’s life, even though the mother’s life was put in danger. All of these examples were given to make the case that these situations from the past will now be happening in states banning abortion. There is evil in this world, so there may be some true examples in what was shared. I can only pray that we Christians speak up when injustice happens.

Along with the fear tactics were statements saying there will be increased abuse by men involved with the pregnancy as well as more suicides by women. The statement that ectopic pregnancies, hemorrhaging from a miscarriage, and severe uterine infections won’t be treated in states banning abortions is a lie. The final example that tore at my heart was that there will be increased severe anomalies “incompatible with life.” How can a baby created by God be incompatible with life? Yes, due to congenital issues, a baby may have just a few minutes or hours to live after birth, but only God should decide how long our lives will be, and no human being is incompatible with life because God loves life.

We, as For Life Christians, may be somewhat insulated from what was shared in this webinar as most people we associate with are like-minded. Praise the Lord! It’s difficult when exposed to the reality of the reasoning going on in the world that doesn’t agree with or accept God’s truths. Yet, what I experienced in this webinar is what many people in our country believe today, and the lies Satan perpetuates keep being reinforced through many (not all) in the public education systems. May our Christian educators and parents speak up and make a difference.

As I watched this webinar, I thought about our world being like the fiery furnace where Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were protected by an angel of the Lord to be a witness of the power of God over the evil intent of King Nebuchadnezzar. God is all powerful, and no matter what lies are told or evil intent is released upon us, we need to stand firm. Even the evil King Nebuchadnezzar was converted. Scripture and prayer are our strongest weapons to change hearts, and we must persist and never give up, no matter how disappointing things get with evil laws being enacted or evil intent coming our way.

May God send an army of angels to protect the babies in the womb from the laws being enacted in some states taking away protections for God’s smallest, most vulnerable humans. May hearts be changed with the truths found in Scripture. And may the influence the devil has on our society, with his culture of death, be deposed.

Dear Lord, we pray for those who educate our young people and influence society with the misdirected concept that we have a right to kill babies in the womb. Turn our society to the truths in Scripture that show that life is precious. Change the hearts of mothers contemplating abortion to always provide protection for their precious babies. Amen.