Download LFL of Illinois Newsletter Winter 2021 (PDF)

The winter 2021 newsletter also has info on the 2021 Essay Contest. Feel free to distribute it to Lutheran students or any student in a Lutheran School as you like! Please do take note that a teacher, youth group leader, or pastor must submit the essay on your student’s behalf.

God bless each of you in 2021!

Illinois Essay Contest Winners for 2019

High School Category

1st – Emma Van Meveren, 8th Grade, St. Peter, Arlington Heights
2nd – Nathaniel Clayton, 8th Grade, home school, Mascoutah
3rd – Gloria Peterson, 8th Grade, home school, Mascoutah

Grade School Category

1st – Matthew Clayton, 10th grade, home school, Mascoutah
2nd – Lily Wegner, 9th grade, Eureka High School
3rd – Emma Blunier, 9th grade, Metamora Township High School

Pictured above: Rev. Timothy Scharr (President of SID), Nathaniel Clayton, Gloria Peterson, and Matthew Clayton (from 2018)

Adoption Fund Project

The Lutherans for Life of Illinois Executive Board is excited to announce a new life-affirming project for Lutheran families in the state of Illinois. Adoption is an expensive endeavor and due to the high costs many couples do not consider adoption as an option in growing their families. The LFL of IL Board would like to work to meet this need for families who have a desire to adopt. We are partnering with Lifesong For Orphans ministry to create an adoption fund to be made available to LCMS families in Illinois who need financial assistance as they go through the adoption process.

As of right now, we have a few LFL Life Teams that are interested in fundraising for this adoption fund. We are asking for more Life Chapter teams to prayerfully consider helping us financially to build this fund as well.

Once the fund has grown to $8,000, we would open the fund up for LCMS families to use as they go through the adoption process. Families will be able to submit an application for an adoption grant and Lifesong will review the application. Then Lifesong will give the LFL of IL a recommendation of the amount that could be granted to the adoptive family according to their financial needs.

Here is a video link with more information about Lifesong for Orphans: (password is lifesong). Our hope is to make this fund available by the end of 2018.

If you have any questions or are interested in helping in this project, you may contact Valerie Boehne at 309-210-4747.


We are excited to announce that there are now three District Life Coordinators in Illinois!! They are:

  • Northern IL District – Rev. Craig Meissner, Steger
  • Central IL District – Rev. Bernard Ross, Altamont
  • Southern IL District – Rev. Mark Surburg, Marion


There have been approximately 36 Owen’s Mission presentations in Illinois Lutheran Schools so far. If you would like to do a presentation in a Lutheran school near you, please call Deb Lakamp at 309.712.9751

It was “Pajama Day” when we presented “Owen’s Mission” to St. Peter Lutheran Elementary School in St. Peter, Illinois!!!


If you have not already, please look up and “Like” the Facebook pages of national Lutherans For Life and Lutherans For Life of Illinois. There are many pictures and interesting bits of info on both pages!

A Facebook resource to join is Lutherans For Life Chapters and Life Teams.

Another great Facebook page to “Like” is Southwestern Illinois Lutherans for Life.

Keep informed on Life issues!!


The Story of Baby Shalom by Marie MacPherson – This is the true record of a woman pouring her heart out in the presence of God as she experienced the death of a child in her womb. We offer it here with the hope of bringing comfort and encouragement to others who may find themselves struggling in similar circumstances (2 Corinthians 1:3-4). Shalom means ‘peace’ and, despite the emotional challenges portrayed, this story ends with the mother of Baby Shalom resting in God’s peace. May it be so also for you, dear reader, no matter what tragedies befall you.”

How Luther Nailed It on Life Issues by Rev. Michael W. Salemink – Life issues didn’t arise overnight. Their frequent connection to medical technology can make them seem like recent developments, and advances in understanding physiology and pharmaceuticals have made abortion and euthanasia more efficient and available of late. But these circumstances have been causing society’s difficulties—and providing opportunities to proclaim the Gospel—since ancient times … Martin Luther also applied his voice to life issues. As we celebrate the Reformation’s quincentennial, listening to him can still enlighten us. His view of family matters proved revolutionary in its time. Luther promoted marriage, encouraged childbearing, and praised parenting. He concluded even unborn babies qualified as full-fledged human beings.

Going Gracefully – In “Going Gracefully,” Rev. Michael W. Salemink presents a better end-of-life approach than assisted suicide. Rev. Salemink looks at the issues of autonomy, pain, quality of life, and death with dignity (“What it is,” “Why it’s bad,” and “What is better”). Also included are “Eight Things You Should Know About Assisted Suicide” and “Sixteen Things You Can Do About Assisted Suicide.”

“Life with grace delivers even more blessing than ‘death with dignity.’ Death has no dignity to lend to anybody, but a dignified person can adorn even death with nobility (Acts 7:59-60).”


Please call or email Rev. David M. Bottorf if you have any news to share from your Life Chapter or Life Team in your locality. Also, please let her know if you have any ideas, concerns, or questions. Please continue to pray for the work of Lutherans For Life, and thank you for ALL you do for LIFE!!


  • Rev. David M. Bottorff, President – Bourbonnais (630.258.7369,
  • Laura Laesch, Vice-President – Yorkville (
  • Rev. Bruce Lakamp, Pastoral Advisor – East Peoria
  • Joyce Fassig, Secretary – Mendota
  • Donna Moody, Treasurer – Jacksonville
  • Sandra Goss, Board Member – Lombard
  • Jamilyn Clausing, Board Member – Garden Prairie
  • Valerie Boehne, Board Member – El Paso

“Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy.” Monica Kelsey

“I have come that they may have LIFE, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10b NIV) Jesus