November 14, 2023

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The Winter 2023 issue of LifeDate (“Just As … I AM”) included an article entitled, “A Statement on Determination of Death” (p. 10). It indicated that, in the context of organ donation, “Removing heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and other essential tissues would cause death if it had not already happened prior to the procedure.” This assertion refers to the donating of both lungs, both kidneys, or the entire liver, as it is possible (and ethically permissible) for one to donate one lung, one kidney, or a lobe of liver (or portions thereof) and survive.

Lutherans For Life prepared a bulletin insert for inclusion in congregational worship materials on Life Sunday 2024. Entitled, “Just As … I AM,” it affirms, in part, that “Persons undergoing surprise pregnancy, experiencing disability, or suffering terminal diagnosis matter as much as you and me.” An eagle-eyed Gospel-motivated voice For Life noted that this can come across as “othering”—that those facing these circumstances “are not ‘you and me.’” Of course, we intended to communicate precisely the opposite! We deeply regret any offensive exclusion or discrimination this may have implied. And we commit to continue improving our expressions to convey the honor and value with which God Himself invests every human life.