November 27, 2023

LifeDate Winter 2023 – Just As … I AM

by Virginia J. Flo, Director of Volunteer Relations

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them” (Ephesians 2:10).

What God has created is perfect. Yet, I am by no means perfect, and He made me. Yes, sin has made us imperfect, but when God looks at His creation, He sees perfection. Even with our imperfections, God sees us as being created in His image, and His workmanship is perfect. Have we messed things up because of sin? Of course we have. Have we taken care of our bodies as a temple? Not really. Do we push ourselves to the limits at times, stressing ourselves unintentionally or intentionally, beating ourselves up for some self-made crisis? Oh my, yes!

How often have you looked at yourself and wondered why others look so great, and you have some work to do to ever have a hope to look that same way? Do you find yourself in what seems to be a never-ending diet, or do you make those endless trips to the gym or walking path for needed exercise? I think the vast majority of our society faces that dilemma not only to look good but to be healthy.

Do we stop serving the Lord because we don’t fit a certain image of what society considers perfect? Does the smile of joy on your face not mean anything, even though it touches other hearts as they catch a glimpse? Do the words of kindness and love you share from your spoken words not fill those hearing them with a sense of peace, hope, and emotional satisfaction? Does the glow from your eyes not penetrate the hearts of those you are looking at with the love your glance generates?

Are your powerful smile, your words of kindness, and your visual interaction not a gift God gave to you and only you? You are surely God’s workmanship, and it’s not just your body He created but everything that comes from within, including your unique gifts and all your senses.

God made me Just As … I AM, and He also made you just as you are. We all serve the Lord together, yet ever so slightly differently because that’s who we are. And guess what, He did it on purpose. I will never be perfect—and neither will you by the world’s standards. Yet, we each serve the Lord in ways that will make God’s plan complete if we allow Him to guide our way. Will there be disappointments, oh yes, because the devil and our sin always try to get in the way. However, when we submit to the Lord, the end result will be wonderful.

You can make a difference in someone’s life as your share the love of Jesus in your words and in your actions. As you witness through your interactions, you will be noticed because God’s love is catching. And everyone wants to embrace the love God has to give. He showed His love when He created you, redeemed you, and called you to be with Him eternally in heaven. God loves life, and nothing the world can do will overpower our all-powerful God.

It is our hope at Lutherans For Life that everyone will seek ways to share and support the sanctity of human life. You might consider becoming a partner in the Frontlines as a Life Advocate, becoming part of a Life Team, or developing and foster inga Life Chapter. Let us help you to be part of one of these For Life opportunities on the Frontlines where the everyday action takes place.

Avoid the temptation of finding reasons you can’t do certain things because of your imperfections. Remember, God built you as He intended. He didn’t lay down rules of which gifts you had to possess, or decide that when you reached a certain age, you all of a sudden became disqualified for service. He gave you more than one gift, so if you don’t have a specific one you think is a requirement, perhaps one of your other gifts will compensate. Maybe you don’t have the gift to lead, but you have the gift of encouragement, and that is what life-affirming ministries need to be uplifted and moving forward. He also didn’t say old people can’t serve at a certain age; in fact, He views older people as having wisdom that comes from life experience as you age. It’s when the young and the old blend together to serve with a common goal that God sees His creation working just as He planned. Won’t you consider being part of His plan through your service?

If you are interested in serving with Lutherans For Life, please contact our Volunteer Relations Department by emailing or reach out directly to me, Virginia Flo, Director of Volunteer Relations at, and I will match you up with someone on our team to guide you through the process. May your prayer be, “Dear God, please show me the way to serve Just As … I AM.

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