May 27, 2016

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From the Executive Director
Who’s on First—What’s on Second by Rev. Michael W. Salemink

Human, without Exceptions! by Kim Laube, B.A.
No Matter How Small by Rev. Michael W. Salemink
What Goes ‘Round, Comes ‘Round by Dr. Jean Garton – Dr. Jean Garton was the first president of Lutherans For Life. She is scheduled to be a keynote speaker at the 2016 Lutherans For Life National ConferenceThis article is from the April 2016 digital edition of National Right to Life News. Used by permission.

Family Living
The Wonder of Being Human by Linda D. Bartlett
Father’s Day by Pastor Paul Fleischer – Pastor Paul Fleischer is editor of The Lutheran Spokesman ( This article originally appeared in the June 2014 issue. Used by permission.
Who Sinned? by Marta Naumann – Marta Naumann is a member of St. David Lutheran Church, Cardiff, Wales ( This article is from The British Lutheran, Vol. 58 No. 2 May 2015 ( Used by permission.

The Physician-assisted Suicide Assault by Virginia J. Flo

Lutherans For Life Resources

World News

Spotlight on Lutherans For Life
Meet Sarah Krueger—The First EVER Y4Life Intern! by Laura Davis
Onward Christian Soldiers! by Lynette Auch
To Leave or Not Leave an Estate Gift—10 Things to Consider by John Hawkins
Lutheran Congregational Auxiliaries and Organizations – 2015 Donor Honor Roll
2016 Lutherans For Life National Conference