March 25, 2015

The path to the cross did not begin in Bethlehem but in Nazareth! Today, March 25–observed as The Annunciation of Our Lord–is a most appropriate time to celebrate the Incarnation. God became man at Jesus’ conception in Mary. Here are several articles and resources help you observe the Annunciation of our Lord and to teach the great value God in Christ places on all human life.

The Annunciation of Our Lord

The Annunciation and Abortion

The Annunciation And The Beginning Of Life

The following text is from our “Miracle of the Incarnation” bulletin insert published in 2007 (out of print):

The Miracle of the Incarnation
“Conceived by the Holy Spirit …” These few words from the Apostles’ Creed point to the divinity of Jesus. He was God in the flesh from the moment of conception.

The Purpose of the Incarnation
These words also point to our humanity from the moment of conception. The Psalmist writes, “Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me” (Psalm 51:5 NIV). kaszinó online If we are sinful from the moment of conception, we are human beings from that moment and are in need of salvation. kaszinó online magyar Jesus began as we began and passed through all the stages of our development to redeem us from our sinful condition. sportfogadás elemző program

The Implications of the Incarnation
Jesus passing through all the stages of human development gives value to all human life in all stages of that development. Jesus being “conceived by the Holy Spirit” enables us to joyfully proclaim and defend the preciousness of all human life from the moment of conception.