December 13, 2016


Why Abortion Clinics Hate Burying Aborted Children by Colin LeCroy – “Texas will now require abortion clinics to bury the babies they’ve killed—a law that has the pro-abortion community fuming.”

Pro-Life Teacher Fired After Telling His Class “I Find Abortion to be Wrong” by Micaiah Bilger

Is a Challenge to Roe a Heartbeat Away? – Ohio’s New Anti-Abortion Measure by John Stonestreet – “Will Roe v. Wade always be the law of the land? Some Ohio legislators don’t think so. Here’s news about that state’s “heartbeat” law and why it matters.”

WATCH: Mary Wagner arrested again for trying to save babies at abortion center by Lianne Laurence – Also see: Prisoners for Life.


Scientists proposing eliminating 14-day limit for experimenting on human embryos by David Prentice, PhD


Ohio Making Assisted Suicide a Felony by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

How My Kids Ruined Christmas by Drew Dyck, senior editor of CT Pastors – “This year we bought two of those Advent chocolate calendars. I have fond memories of these calendars from childhood and wanted my kids to have the same experience. There’s something about waking up every morning and opening a little door with a candy behind it that builds anticipation for Christmas. Well, things didn’t exactly work out that way. We left the children alone with the calendars for—I swear—two minutes. We came back to find all the little calendar doors torn open—and our little wolves sitting there with guilty, chocolaty grins. I guess Christmas came early this year. Bottom line: kids have no self-control. I thought about how sad that is yesterday as I ate a mountain of mash potatoes followed by seven sugar cookies. Don’t let your Christmas go to the wolves.” (Church Humor e-newsletter, 12/13/16)


Video: A Cappella Group Performs “Mary Did You Know” With Songwriter

Worldview and Culture

Video: Professor Watches Kids For Mom To Take Exam

Audio: The Theology of Christmas Movies – The White Horse Inn hosted by Adriel Sanchez, Justin Holcomb, Michael Horton, Whitney Gamble – “What’s the true spirit of Christmas? That’s the question at the heart of countless Christmas movies that clutter the airwaves and cable listings at this time of year. But the answer one typically receives from films of this genre is not merely a departure from the biblical narrative, but rather is a kind of anti-gospel that turns our attention completely away from the redemption provided by the incarnate Son of God. The hosts will discuss this topic by walking through memorable lines from movies such as A Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and many others.