“Any who have helped work a Lutherans For Life or other life-affirming display booth can feel the excitement—especially if your display includes the Touch of Life fetal models. It can be fun and quite rewarding to share with anyone who will listen about fetal development. Children are exceptionally fun! Their eyes become as big as saucers when they are shown a pencil point and told that they were once that small! They are amazed at what they looked like as they grew. Fetal development education can also benefit adults, as it did for one young couple.”

Lynette Auch, President of Lutherans For Life

“It takes less than a quarter of a second for a sperm’s membrane to fuse with an egg’s surface. This mingling of materials produces a new cell and another human being—the zygote. She has a unique genetic identity, distinct from sperm and egg and father and mother. The sperm’s 23 chromosomes added to the egg’s 23 comprise her own full complement of 46. Her individual DNA “signature” or “fingerprint” directs her whole development and does not change at any point through birth and growth to death. She belongs entirely and exclusively to the species Homo sapiens. She has never been nor will ever become any other kind of creature.”

Rev. Michael W. Salemink, Executive Director of Lutherans For Life

Lutherans For Life Fetal Development Resources Available from Concordia Publishing House

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