“Abortion offers the Church a tragic new mission field and, therefore, an occasion to offer the Good News of Jesus Christ to those struggling to cope with a problem pregnancy.

“If the Church doesn’t recognize that we have Good News for these women, who do we have Good News for?  And what is the Good News for?  And what good is the Good News then?”

Dr. Jean Garton, co-founder and president emeritus of Lutherans For Life

ABORTIONS SINCE 1973 (Roe v. Wade): 61,628,584
The total number of reported abortions between 1973 and 2017 stands at 61,628,584, according to National Right to Life. Both the CDC and Guttmacher Institute collect data from abortion facilities. Guttmacher contacts abortion clinics directly but does not survey every year. The CDC publishes yearly reports from state health departments (and New York City, Washington, DC), but the data is voluntary and has been missing statistics from California, New Hamshire, and at least one other state since 1998. Overall, both the CDC and Guttmacher show significant recent drops and sustained declines over the last 25 years. (National Right to Life News, 7/15/20; CLR LifeWire, 7/23/20)

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