February 5, 2015

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Here are a few articles that provide information and commentary on vaccines and the use of tissue from aborted fetuses. Scroll down for additional articles.

Added 11/15/21:

Legal Help for Religious Exemptions from Vaccinations

Added 10/5/21:

COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate – Resources to help LCMS pastors and members understand the current government order

Updated 8/24/21:

Pro-Life Scientists: Facts You Should Know About FDA-Approved Pfizer Vaccine

Updated 3/19/21:

Christian Life Resources’ Position Statement on Vaccinations

Updated 3/8/21:

CTCR Provides Updated Vaccine Fact Sheet (LCMS)

Updated 1/25/21:

LCMS Provides Facts and Counsel on COVID-19 Vaccines

Updated 1/12/21:

Vaccines Using Aborted Fetal Tissue by Pastor Michael Salemink

Updated 12/11/20:

Issues, Etc. (podcast) – The COVID Vaccines and Cell Lines Derived from Abortion – Dr. Tara Sander Lee of the Charlotte Lozier Institute

Updated 12/9/20:

COVID-19: There is so much information being gathered and shared about vaccines and few of us are doctors. Nor do we have the time or interest in researching all of the terms and technologies involved in developing vaccines. So, we wanted to keep this simple, basing our advice on the major vaccines that are closest to distribution in the United States today.

Fetal Tissue Used in Development or Production:

  • AstraZeneca
  • Janssen R&D (Johnson & Johnson)

Fetal Tissue NOT Used in Development or Production, but in Quality Control Testing:

  • Moderna
  • Novavax
  • Pfizer/BioNTech

Completely Clear of Fetal Tissue Use in Development/Production or Quality Control Testing:

The only vaccines in this category that are in Phase 3 of testing are being made in China or India. It is uncertain if/when these would be available in the United States.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the distribution of vaccines will be prioritized so it might be a while until most of us are eligible even to consider receiving one of the vaccines. By that time there may be other options.

For more information see:

Updated 12/8/20:

Vaccines Using Aborted Fetal Tissue by Pastor Michael Salemink

Updated 7/14/21:


PDF Handout: Use of Aborted Human Fetal Tissue in Vaccines

Updated 5/15/19:

Innocuous Inoculations? by Pastor Michael Salemink

Updated 3/13/15:

Vaccines & Viruses: Proposed vaccine laws nixed in the Northwest by Daniel James Devine

Updated 3/3/15:

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate by William H. Smith, James Marroquin & the elder of First Presbyterian Church (PCA), Augusta, Georgia

Irrationality on both sides of vaccine furor by John Rosemond

Updated 2/16/15:

Measles outbreak raising national concerns – The Christian Medical & Dental Associations