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AVAILABLE NOW: Teaching For Life – Sunday School/Preschool (Downloadable) – Teaching For Life® Sunday School/Preschool provides a unique, Gospel-centered, positive way to help Lutheran Sunday school teachers apply God’s Word to the life issues! Inside: Nine lessons, with letters to parents, and reproducible graphics that will help teach key pro-life concepts. 


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Teaching For Life® is a unique, Gospel-centered, positive way to help Lutheran school teachers apply God’s Word to the life issues!

Teaching For Life® teaches nine key pro-life concepts—one for each month of the school year—by giving ideas on how to integrate them into religion, math, social studies, etc.

Our classic Teaching For Life® curricula is now available as a free downloadable PDF (110mb), providing you with all that is needed to teach a key life concept each month in a variety of ways.

Note: Teaching For Life® lessons and additional commentary contain a wealth of wonderful resources. However, due to the age of the material we cannot guarantee the availability of all the resources that may be referenced in the material.

Note: Hard copies of the classic Teaching For Life® curricula may be available for the cost of shipping. Contact the national office of Lutherans For Life to find out more.

The goal with Teaching For Life® is to make it as easy as possible for the teacher to use!

Also available is a free Teaching For Life® PDF which provides additional resources, commentary, and teaching tools.

Teaching For Life® is positive and Gospel-centered! Grade levels are: PK-K, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8.

Teaching For Life® Themes by Unit (Nine Units per Grade Level):

  • Unit 1: For Life from the Beginning of Time: The Importance of a Six-Day Creation.
  • Unit 2: For Life Because God Is―The Trinitarian Value of Human Life.
  • Unit 3: For Life from the Very Beginning of Life.
  • Unit 4: For Life in the Womb.
  • Unit 5: For Chaste and Decent Lives.
  • Unit 6: For Life and Loving them Both.
  • Unit 7: For Life and Healing Broken Hearts.
  • Unit 8: For Life When Life Isn’t Good.
  • Unit 9: For Life at Life’s End.

Sample Pages

Nine Months of Teaching For Life

Resources for Teaching the For Life Message

Comments from teachers on Teaching For Life

  • “I like the variety of different ways you can integrate the key concepts in your day.” Teacher at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church and School, Mequon, Wisconsin
  • “The activities were diverse and applied to a wide variety of curricular areas. I appreciated how the lessons were laid out in a step-by-step manner.” C.S., Cedarburg, Wisconsin
  • Teaching For Life® “is so colorful and well done, that when we opened up the first unit we wanted to do everything in one day!” K. Smith, Marshalltown, Iowa

From several teachers at St. Peter Lutheran School, Macomb, Michigan:

  • “I liked the variety of choices in each curriculum area. It was easy to fit at least one activity in.”
  • “The teachers’ guide was well prepared and looked great!”
  • “I like that there were activities to incorporate in all subject areas. I enjoyed hands-on activities.”
  • “I appreciated the age-appropriateness of the material. I want to use it more extensively next year.”