Welcome to Step Up 4 Life 2023 | May 14 – June 24!

Step Up 4 Life is Lutherans For Life’s annual Walk for Life campaign, and it provides a novel twist to the traditional Walk for Life. Each participant sets his or her own walking and fundraising goals, then walks to raise awareness about LFL’s work and encourages others to donate to his or her campaign.

Why should you Step Up 4 Life? The mission of Lutherans For Life is to equip Lutherans and their neighbors to be Gospel-motivated voices for LIFE. LFL applies its Gospel-motivated message to the sanctity of life through life-affirming counseling and support, conferences and seminars, programming for high school and college students, Zoom chats and presentations, and so much more! All of LFL’s services are free, services that empower those who hear their message to choose life without feeling trapped by their circumstances.

LFL’s Step Up 4 Life 2023 fundraising campaign will take place from May 14 through June 24, and we hope YOU will be part of it! Thanks in advance for your support.

This page has a wealth of resources and links to help you get started and to encourage others to join in the fun!

Sponsorship Levels:

Pace Setter – $250-$500 includes:

      • LFL swag
      • Name of sponsor on website

Marathon Runner – $500-$750 includes:

      • More LFL swag
      • Two water bottles
      • Name and paragraph on the StepUp4life.org website

Winner’s Circle – $750+ includes:

      • Even MORE LFL swag
      • Two water bottles
      • Two sets of Step Up 4 Life socks
      • Name and paragraph or up to one minute video on the StepUp4life.org website