Life Sunday Sermon: Arms that Knit – Hands that Hold

In his sermon on the Life Sunday theme “Arms that Knit – Hands that Hold, Dr. Lamb points out out how the Psalmist tells us, in Psalm 139, that God made us with His hands! Then He loved what He made so much, He sent His Son to rescue us from sin. Mark tells us that Christ desires to call every human life into an eternal relationship with Him and to hold us in His arms.

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Wesley J. Smith: The Need For Good News: The Death Culture and Ways to Fight It – 2010 LFL National Conference Keynote Address

Wesley J. Smith, noted author and bioethicist, gave a wide-ranging keynote address on the theme “The Need For Good News: The Death Culture and Ways to Fight It.”

Mr. Smith stressed the need to contrast the culture of life with the culture of death. He said the culture of death is “very powerful and wants us to believe that being a human being doesn’t matter … and that is very dangerous.” He said much of society is all about eliminating suffering at all costs, which has led to support for abortion, assisted suicide, and euthanasia, yet “love is word you don’t often see the other side use too often … eliminating suffering quickly morphs into eliminating the sufferer.”

To counteract the culture of death, Smith said we need to offer both hope and facts because “the facts are on our side.” He said, “when an embryo or fetus is called ‘not human’ it is not rational!” He warned of Personhood Theory that sets arbitrary guidelines for who is and who is not a “person.” In reality, he said, “Personhood Theory tells us who we can kill and get a good night’s sleep.”

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Bringing Good News to Life – 2010 LFL National Conference Worship

Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb, LFL executive director, in his 2010 LFL National Confernce opening worship sermon, focuses on the conference theme, based on Acts 17. He said, “Paul loved the Good News … he desperately wanted his fellow Jews to know that Jesus Christ was the Messiah … we too have been given the Good News … Lutherans For Life understands that this Good News is Good News FOR LIFE—a message tailor-made for the issues of life … when you mess with life you are messing with the Author, and Creator, and Redeemer of life … We are compelled to speak … We live in a society that desperately needs to value life.”

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Chapel Talks: Leaping for Joy!

Monday, May 31, 2010, was Memorial Day, but, as Dr. Lamb shares, it was also The Visitation–a day set aside on the church year calendar to celebrate the visitation of Mary to Elizabeth (the mother of John–who leaped for joy!).

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