Nearly 57,000 students have now heard about Owen’s Mission!

Horton the elephant was right! The Bible agrees! In fact, the Bible says more: A person’s a person created by God (Psalm 139:13-14), a person redeemed by Jesus (Galatians 3:13), and a person the Holy Spirit wants to call to be His child (1 Timothy 2:4) no matter how small!

Owen’s Mission is a very special project of Lutherans For Life. The goal of this project is to honor Jesus by presenting a set of Touch of Life fetal models to every Lutheran elementary and high school in the country. We want students to understand the God-given value of each life from the moment of conception. We want students to be motivated by what God has done as our Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier that gives value to life. We want students to value themselves and to value others as persons because of this God-given value.

Where did Owen’s Mission come from? From a very small and special baby named Owen. Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb, former executive director of Lutherans For Life, shares his story:

“I held my little grandson Owen in the palm of my hand. He died at twenty-one weeks during pre-natal surgery to remove a large tumor. The nurse brought him to our son as we waited in the recovery room for Owen’s mother. I find it difficult to describe what I felt when I was able to hold him. I had held the twenty-week Touch of Life fetal model in my hands hundreds of times in front of students from preschoolers to seminarians. Holding Owen revived in me the reality behind those models. I will never hold them in the same way again.”

As Owen’s grandpa, Dr. Lamb wanted to do something special to remember Owen, honor Jesus, and help others understand the value God gives to even the smallest of lives. With the help of Owen’s family, Owen’s Mission was born. We are training facilitators to present these fetal model sets along with a DVD message from Dr. Lamb.

The Life Team at Chapel of the Cross – Lutheran in St. Louis, Missouri, invites you to meet our Touch of Life fetal models through the eyes of four young children learning just how “fearfully and wonderfully made” we are—from the moment of conception to the end of life. (January 15, 2021)

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Stories on the Impact of Owen’s Mission

At Orange County Lutheran High School in California, a broad-shouldered senior cradling the 28-week model in his arms said, “This is what we need. We don’t need to see pictures of aborted babies. This positive focus on life is what will speak to us.”

Holding the tiny 12-week model in the palm of his hand, a second grader at Holy Cross Lutheran Christian Day School in North Miami, Florida, said, “Wow! We really looked like this?” His reaction reflects that of hundreds of other elementary school students. The impact of this tactile reality on thousands of students is incalculable. Look at the attached photos. The impact can be seen in their eyes!

The Association of Free Lutheran Congregations holds a Free Lutheran Youth (FLY) conference every other year at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado. The models were used in several presentations as well as being exhibited at the LFL display table. One evening at the display a young woman shared a story of a friend who had decided against abortion after seeing and holding one of the babies!

Responses to Owen’s Mission by Virginia Flo

In 2018, I was at a Minnesota educator conference and featured Owen’s Mission and the fetal models at my LFL display table. Many teachers stopped by to talk with me. One school has had their fetal models for a couple years. All the teachers made similar comments and said they use the fetal models all the time, the children love them, and they never get tired of seeing the kids reactions. The fetal models provide great teaching moments.

Another educator was over the top excited to get a set. I brought a couple sets with me and this particular principal wouldn’t leave unless I let her take one back with her. She fully intends to make the presentation with her school ASAP and couldn’t wait for me to come over to help present. She planned to use it in chapel, classrooms, confirmation class (which she teaches), as well as with a scout troupe that meets at their school—and with parents. Her heart is truly with the unborn. This encounter was quite a moving moment as I witnessed her excitement in being able to have this teaching tool.

Owen’s Mission is a wonderful program and would be simple to present at your school. Remember, some of the simplest things can be the most successful.

Responses to Owen’s Mission by Deb Lakamp, former president of LFL of Illinois

One of the teachers had students—including two brothers who are soon expecting a little sister in their family—hold the fetal model that is the same size as their sibling soon to arrive. They were thrilled and so were their classmates!

One of the teachers in another school, came up and hugged me after the presentation and said “thank you for sharing the important work LFL is doing. Dr. Lamb’s DVD was well done and very touching. It made me cry!”

In another school, an altar guild member was setting up communion after chapel, she heard the presentation and came up to me afterwards and shared that she had a miscarriage a long time ago and she still thinks of the baby she never got to hold. I gave her a “Young One” fetal model and she was thrilled to have it and to be reminded of how precious and fragile life is.

Owen’s Mission Receives $50,000 Grant!

From LifeDate – Fall 2015:

In June 2015 the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) awarded a Life Ministries grant of $50,000 to Lutherans For Life to be used for Owen’s Mission. The goal of Owen’s Mission is to place a set of Touch of Life fetal models into every Lutheran elementary and high school in the country. With this grant, we have reached around 60% of our $175,000 goal. Join us in thanking the Lord of Life for His goodness!

Join us also in thanking the LCMS Office of National Missions for making this grant possible. We have an ongoing and growing positive relationship with the LCMS through LCMS Life Ministries. We look forward to an even stronger partnership in years to come.

Someone came up to one of our displays recently and shared a story of a friend who changed her mind about an abortion after seeing the Touch of Life models! God is at work changing and saving lives! We believe that as young children touch and hold these little life-like babies, they will never have to face such a decision. Their minds will be made up!

If you would like a set presented to your Lutheran school or one in your area, give us a call. If you are willing to be a presenter for Owen’s Mission, give us a call as well.

Wonderfully Made Presentation

Here is an idea submitted by our Life Team in Collinsville, Illinois. They did an Owen’s Mission presentation in their school developed by Carrie Kober.

Feel free to use these resources for you Owen’s Mission presentations.

Wonderfully Made Presentation PowerPoint

Wonderfully Made Presentation Notes PDF

Wonderfully Made Presentation Worksheet PDF

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