September 8, 2016


Gene Wilder’s three brushes with abortion by Ben Johnson


22-Year-Old Surprises The Man She Calls Dad With Adoption Papers


Promoting Infanticide in Newsweek by Wesley J. Smith

Organ Harvesting the Unconscious by Wesley J. Smith


Euthanasia tourism on the rise in Belgium by Xavier Symons

Fame if Want to Die: Obscurity if Want to Live by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

I’m so Ashamed by Pastor Mark Jeske

Columnist: Parents aren’t the “primary educators” by Pete Baklinski 

Orphan Care

It’s Time For You To Become A Foster Parent by Brittany Cover – “If you, like me, believe in the right to life, then that belief must apply after these children are born, not just when they are in the womb. Become a foster parent.”

Sexual Purity

Progressively Regressive Sexuality – A Return to Pagan Morality by Eric Metaxas – “Sexual progressives claim to be ushering in a ‘brave new world’ of freedom. But their ‘new’ morality is as old as the hills.”

Planned Parenthood Fights (and Loses) Battle to Limit Parents’ Sex-Ed Rights by Teresa Mull

Worldview and Culture

How carefully do we give consent? by Michael Cook

The Lost Purpose for Learning – Rooting Dualism Out of Christian Education by John Stonestreet – “Christian education is much more than education with longer skirts and shorter hair. Here’s a Christian vision for learning.”

Man Shares Beautiful Story About Accepting the “ugly” Kid

What A 27-Year-Old Cold Case Teaches Us About Human Spirit by Nicole Russell – “Police have finally found the remains of Jacob Wetterling, after 27 years. His family has taught us a lot over the years, and they’re still teaching us.”

Rick Warren: Pornography Is Poison, Only Foolish People Feed on Trash by Michael Gryboski

Locked In by Jay Nordlinger – “The disgrace of Indian country.”

Christian Couple, 3 Children, Perish in Fiery Crash on Way to Missionary Training by Leonardo Blair