September 29, 2017


Planned Parenthood Clinic Announces it Will Birth Babies in One Room and Kill Them in Another by Micaiah Bilger

After Two Abortions, Muslim Woman Becomes Pro-Life and Turns to Christ by Micaiah Bilger 

World Health Organization: There are 56 million abortions a year, half of them unsafe

Illinois Gov. Rauner Signs Bill To Allow Tax Dollars To Fund Abortions by Bre Payton


Video: The Insiders: Adoption in Iowa – While this is an Iowa-based story, much of the info shared applies to other states as well.


Lethal Threats to Alzheimer’s Patients by Wesley J. Smith

A grieving mom writes her teen son’s touching obituary and pleads for Iowa to do more for the mentally ill by Daniel P. Finney – Please pray for the family. I met them in 2009 during Camp Hope that year—the year I met my son. 

Family Living

5 Signs Your Child Is Entitled (And It’s Time To Do Something About It) by Jillian

Video: Elderly Couple Reunite After Living Separately

Worldview and Culture

Hugh Hefner’s Legacy of Despair Hugh Hefner by David French – “The bitter fruit of Hefner’s life’s work has helped poison American families.”

Hugh Hefner’s Life’s Work Is Worth No More Than His Ashes by Peter Scaer

Puerto Rico Pro-Life Leader: “The destruction is total but the people are whole.” by Jay Hobbs

The Best Explanation for the Way Things Are by Greg Koukl

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd: Quoting The Declaration Of Independence Is “Very Fundamentalist” by Joy Pullmann and Bre Payton