September 28, 2016


Cosmo Tells Girls They’re Helpless Victims Of Their Own Reproduction by Georgi Boorman – “The Hyde Amendment doesn’t ‘restrict poor women’s access to health care.’ It just says my tax dollars shouldn’t have to pay for your abortion.”

Russian Orthodox Church Petition Calls for “The End of Legal Murder of Children Before Birth” by Micaiah Bilger


Save the Adoptions Petition


3-Parent Baby Shows ‘No Limits’ Science Hubris by Wesley J. Smith


VA Suicide Hotlines Abandoned by Wesley J. Smith

Movies – Television – Video

When “The Real Housewives” Became A Pro-life Ad by Emily Domenech


Doctors Fight Federal Rule Forcing Them To Perform Hysterectomies On Men by Maria Servold – “The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services just took away doctors’ ability to determine what’s best for their transgender patients. A new lawsuit aims to fight that.”

Worldview and Culture

The Religious Right Isn’t Really Dead, And It Never Will Be by Rachel Lu – “Damon Linker thinks the culture wars have waned because traditionalists have lost so completely. But if 2016 has taught us anything, it’s that cultural battles can take rapid and unexpected turns.”

“Shut Up, Bigot!” The Philosophers Argued by Rod Dreher

How a Secular Jew Came to Faith in Jesus Christ (Interview) by Brandon Showalter