September 20, 2016


“No More Baby” by Jay Nordlinger


Church, We Can’t Not Know About Adoption and Special Needs! by Shannon Dingle


Child Killing Center Soon in the Netherlands by Wesley J. Smith

Belgium Lets A Legal Minor Euthanize Himself by Andrew Walker – “This is the first reported instance of a child taking advantage of Belgium’s laxer stance after legislators allowed child euthanasia in 2014.”

Family Living

To strengthen schools, start with the family by Carolyn Moynihan – “New research shows family structure is strongly linked to educational success.”

Worldview and Culture

What Today’s Christians Can Learn From Antiquity About Living In A Pagan World by Greg Scandlen – ” To survive in a hostile culture, Christians must articulate and exemplify an alternative vision of human flourishing.”

Should Children Sit Through “Big Church”? An Interview with John Piper