September 19, 2012

Scripture for Today

John Smeaton: UN High Commissioner seeks to criminalize opposition to abortion provision – worldwide action needed now

Russia Worried Euthanasia Would be Done Without Consent if Legalized

Forced Abortions Continue in China, Steven Mosher Says

British Woman sentenced to eight years for aborting her child in last week of pregnancy by Dave Andrusko

Leading our children to life: what’s a pro-life parent to do? by Kristi Burton Brown

Invention Lets Pregnant Women Hold Models of Their Unborn Babies – This story is from 2009, but it is still amazing!

Pro-Life? That’s RACIST! by Cassy Fiano

Poisoned Ivies: Sex and God at Yale by Michael W. Hannon – Things are very bad on campus.

Cheating at Harvard – Let’s Be Honest about Ourselves by Eric Metaxas – “A cheating scandal has rocked one of the world’s great universities. What are we to make of it?”

Are we nicer than God? by Greg Downes – “For some, the essence of Christianity consists of ‘being nice’ to everyone. But is it really a Christian virtue?”

Three Types of Responses to Confrontation by Perry Noble

Proper, Biblical “Parenesis” — What Is it and Where Has it Gone in Lutheran Preaching? by Rev. Paul McCain

Islam and the Closing of the Secular Mind by Samuel Gregg – “The ‘enlightened’ Western mind can no longer think seriously or coherently about religion.”