September 16, 2016


Wrong, Naya Rivera: Abortion Is A Men’s Issue, Too by D.C. McAllister – “Women like actress Naya Rivera dismiss men because they aren’t carrying the baby. Yet the father does have an interest in whether his child lives or dies.”

Are Pro-Lifers Who Grieve Miscarriage Merely Envious Of Abortive Women? by Constance T. Hull – “It seems logical for a person grieving a miscarriage to turn in hate towards those who choose to abort their unborn children. While this danger exists, reality is much more interesting.”

The “Deplorable” Health and Human Services Forcing Planned Parenthood Funding by Jake MacAulay


Reunited orphans share tear-jerking embrace after 11 months apart


Embryos might be created without eggs, scientists say


Evolution’s Can Opener – The Origin of Life Gets Even Trickier by Eric Metaxas – “A new fossil discovery makes it even tougher for Darwinists to explain the origin of life.”

Is Planet Earth Trying to Tell Us Something?


How Bad Do You Want to Be Liked? by Rev. Ken Klaus


Suicide Groups Control Assisted Suicide in WA/OR by Wesley J. Smith

Elderly Canadians fear euthanasia by Christine Nagel – “One woman’s surprising response to legalization: get a tattoo.”

Family Living

Little Girl Drives Barbie Car Full of Gifts to Neighbors Who Lost Everything

If You’re Not A Dad, Don’t Go To Dad Events At School by Bethany Mandel – “Moms and dads are not interchangeable units. And if mothers can attend events meant only for dads, fathers-only gatherings become meetings for anyone, losing their entire purpose.”

Sexual Purity

Chaste—and Happier—Millennials

Obsession: Is My Relationship Unhealthy?

Worldview and Culture

How Is the Godless West Working Out? by Dennis Prager

8 Steps The Catholic Church Could Take To Approve Gay Marriage Like Tim Kaine Expects by Hans Fiene – “Is there a genuine possibility that Rome could follow the example of mainline Protestantism and collectively shipwreck its faith? Tim Kaine thinks so. Here’s how it would happen.”

Americans Doing Good – Louisiana, Tocqueville, and Volunteer Associations by Eric Metaxas – “People banding together to do good. It’s what Americans have always done, and are still doing.”

There’s Never A Good Time To Take Classic Literature From Classrooms by Gracy Olmstead – “Liking healthy food requires the development of taste: the more you eat it, the more you grow to enjoy it. It’s the same with classic literature.”

Can Colleges Just Ban Everybody Already? It’d Save A Ton Of Time And Money by Daniel Payne

Paralympic Games Controversy by Bradley Mattes

Has the Bible Been Changed? by Ken Ham