September 12, 2016


Obama Wants to Force States to Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz by VCortney O’Brien

Protecting Planned Parenthood in California – Abortion Uber Alles, Including the Constitution by John Stonestreet – “Another, yes another, disturbing bill is being proposed in the California legislature. What’s going on in that state?”


Undercover Planned Parenthood videos move couples to offer adoption by Murray Vasser


We’re scared of talking about suicide, says Christian charity on World Suicide Prevention Day by Hannah Tooley – Also see: Why Do Believers Commit Suicide? by Kay L. Meyer; Speaking of the Inconceivable – A Closer Look at Suicide’s Stigma by Peter Preus; Peter Preus: L.I.F.E. and suicide – 2013 LFL National Conference

Family Living

12 Reasons Science Shows Conservative Women Have The Best Sex by Joy Pullman – “BuzzFeed reports on a new study of 19,000 people in five European countries that found ‘very right-wing’ people are the most satisfied with their sex lives. Oh, we know.”

Kudos to Catholic School’s ‘Problem Solving’ Sign to Parents by John Rosemond

No, My Son Doesn’t Play Sports … Really, It’s OK! by Kerry Foreman

All the lonely people – have they no one of their own? by Carolyn Moynihan – “Loneliness has become a public health crisis, say experts.”

Fetal Development

Born at 22 weeks, youngest premature baby to survive in Israel leaves hospital by Nancy Flanders

Worldview and Culture

Pew Research: Why Young People Are Leaving Christianity by Ken Ham and Avery Foley

God Fills Our Lives with Trials by Stacy Reaoch

101-year-old woman robbed returning from church by Hannah Tooley

The Measure of a Man – What’s Missing from the Masculinity Debate by John Stonestreet – Where have all the men gone? A lot of folks who are asking this question are looking for answers in all the wrong places.

Just the (LGBT) Facts, Ma’am, Mister & Anything In Between

Eat Meat, Eggs to Fight Diabetes by Wesley J. Smith

It’s Okay to Live, Be Ordinary, and Then Die by Evan Mcclanahan

How To Navigate Tricky Conversations In 8 Easy Steps by Rebecca Cusey – “Putting relationships over winning arguments may feel weak, but it is really valuing the humanity in the other person.”

5 details Facebook asks for that you shouldn’t give by By Komando Staff