September 1, 2016


Yes, Let’s Base Abortion Laws on Science by David French – “And science tells us that from the moment of conception, a separate human being, with unique DNA, exists.”

Study Casts Doubt on Zika as Culprit by Bradley Mattes

Family Living

5 Ways to Help Kids Transition Back to School by Lisa M. Clark

5-Year-Old Kid Shows Bullies What It Means to Act Like a Grown-up by Heather Finn – “They point and stare. He acts wise beyond his years. And no, he doesn’t want his mother’s help.”

THE MYTH (LIE) OF INCOMPATIBILITY IN MARRIAGE – The Problem Isn’t That You’re Incompatible . . . So What Is The Problem? by Matthew L. Jacobson – Your thoughts?

Audio: Where is God when the vicar’s wife has 6 miscarriages? – “Lizzie Lowrie shared her story of baby loss with Maria Rodrigues in an honest and open conversation.”

Sexual Purity

Sex & Your Future

Video: Hollywood Couple Speaks Out On Abstinence

VMAs Illustrate Anthony Weiner’s Sexual Sins Aren’t That Unique by Mollie Hemingway – “The Video Music Awards and Weiner’s latest sexting scandal showcase our sexual confusion.”

How To Make The Bible Support Any Sexual Practice In 3 Easy Steps by Hans Fiene – “These three simple steps will help you pave the next mile of the Sexual Liberation Expressway and get those Bible-believing bigots off the road.”

Worldview and Culture

Come Out from Your Safe Space! – A Sign of Hope on Campus by Eric Metaxas – “One academically rigorous, left leaning university has put its incoming freshmen on notice.”

The flag, the Bible, and the real way to honor the righteous fallen by Dr. Joel McDurmon – Your thoughts?

“Born this Way” Is Shaky Science – The Truth Comes Out of the Closet by John Stonestreet – “The science is settled!” we often hear on any questions surrounding the LGBT issues. But two experts replied last week, “Not so fast.”

LGBT Rights vs. Religious Freedom – No Middle Ground? by John Stonestreet – “According to one Christian thinker, it’s time to get on the LGBT bus or be thrown under it.”

How do I make a decision for Christ?

The Temptation of the Quick and Easy by Greg Alms