October 27, 2017


Planned Parenthood vs. Little Girls – Sex-Selective Abortion in America by John Stonestreet & G. Shane Morris – “The worst form of discrimination against women in our time is one that is virtually ignored by feminists.”

Illegal Minor’s Abortion Is a Loss for Everyone by Jordan Candler – “A Justice Department appeal is dismissed and a taxpayer-funded abortion ensues.”

Media rejoices at 50 years of abortion in the UK, but public raise alarm bells

8 Million Lives Too Many

Discriminating against People with Down Syndrome by Alan Shlemon


Life’s Crazy Twists and Turns Leads Ben Lang to his Final Football Game by John Sears


12 Ways Artificial Wombs Will Change The World by Georgi Boorman – “While this technology holds much promise for premature babies, we should take the meantime to think through the potential ramifications.”


Canada Child Euthanasia: A Matter of Time? by Wesley J. Smith

Blurring line between comfort and killing by Bradley Mattes

Fetal Development

Dear Pro-Choicers: Human Life Begins At Conception. Deal With It by Daniel Payne – “The progressive contribution to the modern abortion debate is, on average, the most science-free political discourse you’re apt to find.”

Family Living

What Women Who Have Had A Miscarriage Want You To Know by Emily Carrington – “At our weakest, we had no social script to lean on and no ritual to follow, because the rules for pregnancy loss have been different than all other types of death.”

Sexual Purity

More than Harvey’s secret is out by Andrea Mrozek – “Everything from relationships to shopping malls is corrupted.”

Worldview and Culture

Four Practical Tips for Responding to the Burning Fertility Clinic by Timothy Brahm

Sam Smith Can’t Ever Know What It Feels Like To Be A Woman by D.C. McAllister – “Our identity as male or female is not based on our subjective perceptions. It’s based on an objective reality, and the fixed nature of our bodies tells us what that reality is.”

Anger Mismanagement – We Need Faith, Hope, and Love by Eric Metaxas & Stan Guthrie – “What really makes you mad? If you’re an American, you’ve got an awful lot to choose from.”

Most Britons only care about six of the Ten Commandments by Tola Mbakwe

Brother Photoshops Clown from “It” into Sister’s Engagement Photos

Video: Anonymous Compliments Spread Cheer At School