October 19, 2017


Despite Lawsuits, New Investigative Videos Aimed At Planned Parenthood To Release “Soon” by Nicole Russell – “As much as Planned Parenthood would like to be done with the Center for Medical Progress’s David Daleiden, he’s not done with them.”

Abortion is not a bedroom issue by Bradley Mattes

Left Using Illegal Immigrant To Push U.S.-Sponsored Abortions For Non-Citizens by Kristan Hawkins – “At issue is whether the United States will expand its mission to ending the lives of preborn infants for all those who travel here illegally.”

Mother charged with murdering 14-month-old girl, had wanted a boy by Dave Andrusko


Ambushed by Christian Medical & Dental Associations

Family Living

“I lay on the floor begging God to save her” – my story of baby loss – “During Baby Loss Awareness Week, Zoe Clark-Coates tells her own story of facing the loss of five babies. Today she offers support to thousands of grieving parents and relatives each week through her charity The Mariposa Trust.”

Fetal Development

Drug Abuse and Pregnancy – Two Lives are at Risk!

Democrats Used to Know That Life Begins at Conception by Wesley J. Smith – “Last week I posted about a proposed HHS strategic plan that will, if implemented, declare: HHS accomplishes its mission through programs and initiatives that cover a wide spectrum of activities, serving and protecting Americans at every stage of life, beginning at conception… Oh, the screaming among the usual suspects. What I didn’t know was that Democrat administrations used to acknowledge this basic biological fact.”

Sexual Purity

#MeToo – Human Dignity, Sexual Morality, and Christian Responsibility by John Stonestreet – “The curtain is being lifted on sexual predation. That’s good. And it reveals why we cannot abandon Christianity’s liberating vision of human sexuality.”

After Weinstein, why not try chastity? by Michael Cook – “One path leads to bigger rulebooks. The other leads to a revival of chastity”

Worldview and Culture

No, Saving A Child Instead Of Embryos In A Burning Building Does Not Negate The Pro-Life Position by Daniel Payne – “A recent highly viral tweetstorm by author Patrick Tomlinson claims pro-lifers can’t think their way out of this thought experiment. He’s wrong.”

No. 1 Thing Parents Can Do to Ensure Kids Are Faithful Christians When They Grow Up by Stoyan Zaimov – “Most Parents Say Their Adult Children Are Christians, but Half Don’t Practice the Faith”

My encounter with a “Christian Rottweiler” of an evangelist put me off faith, but now I’m a pastor! by Chris Kilby

Recovery slow but steady in Puerto Rico as donations and aid are still needed by Cheryl Magness – While this story highlights the work of the LCMS, many other Lutheran denominations have their own relief efforts underway.