October 16, 2019


UK Court Orders Forced Abortion On Woman

Late-Term Abortionist Offers Mothers The Chance To Cuddle Their Dead Babies by Stella Morabito – “The open practice of killing then cuddling does not simply represent a ghastly declaration that children are both fully human and disposable. It signifies a war against the mother-child bond.”

End of Life

Report: Assisted Suicide’s Threat to People with Disabilities by Wesley J. Smith

23-Year Old Woman To Be Euthanized Due To Poor Mental Health


545 Politicians vs. 300,000 People by Gary DeMar

Sexual Purity

Should We Downplay the “Clobber Passages” on Homosexuality? by Alan Shlemon

Worldview and Culture

Thousands Of Black People Are Still Slaves. So Why Haven’t You Heard About Them? by Charles Jacobs – “Every day across Africa, black men, women, and children are captured, bought, and sold into slavery with the Western world paying scant attention.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation sides with the devil and against forgiveness – How predictable by Steve Deace

The Pro-Life View Is the Tolerant View by Alan Shlemon

7 Ways Every Single American Can Help Create A Culture Of Life by Josh Shepherd – “With another Supreme Court battle looming, cultural debates over life issues aren’t going away. These seven resources help pro-life advocates know the latest and be a part of the solution.”

March for Life Unveils 2020 Theme: “Life Empowers” by Gabriella Hoffman