October 14, 2016


A world without Down’s? by Carolyn Moynihan – “A British actress subverts the ‘arms race’ against people with this disability.”

Planned Parenthood Tells a Fairy Tale from Hell by Judie Brown

The Medical Pros Are Wrong on Down Syndrome by Matthew Hennessey

Wrong, PolitiFact: Hillary Supports Tax-Funded Abortion On Demand by David Harsanyi – “Clinton’s ‘safe, legal and rare’ is now ‘sorta-safe, always legal, and tax-sponsored.'”


Eugenics: could screening for Down Syndrome bring us full-circle? by Peter Saunders – “Cost-benefit analysis of the lives of disabled people could lead to a dark future”


Audio: Hormonal Birth Control – An Issues, Etc. interview with Pastor Jonathan Fisk


True Beauty by Rev. Ken Klaus


A Suicidal Ballot in Colorado – Will the Right to Die Become a Duty to Die? by John Stonestreet – “Coloradans will vote on an assisted suicide measure this November. Those who vote ‘Yes’ are signing their own death warrants.”

Helping Others Say “No” to Assisted Suicide – Making the Case for Dignity at the End of Life by John Stonestreet – “Whether you live in Colorado or not, you need to know what’s at stake with doctor-assisted death and how to make the case for life.”

Family Living

10 Dos And Don’ts For When A Friend Loses A Baby by Holly Scheer

Please Help Me Remember The Children I Have Lost To Miscarriage by Emily Carrington – “Why do we raise awareness about pregnancy and infant loss? Because once people know the truth, they can love others who are suffering.”


The most important election of our lifetimes by Dr. Joel McDurmon

A Candidate’s Personal Beliefs Must Govern His Actions in Office by Pastor David Whitney

Free To Be Faithful Newsletter – Fall 2016 – “The Fall 2016 issue of the Free To Be Faithful Newsletter features information on important court cases and related issues at the forefront this year having significant implications for the rights of Christians to live faithfully. For example: Read about Judge Ruth Neely, a member of Our Savior Lutheran Church — an LCMS congregation in Pinedale, Wyo. — whom state officials seek to remove from her judiciary duties for her faith-based beliefs about marriage. Read about the pressures military chaplains and service members now face regarding religious freedom and what the LCMS is doing about it. Read how the Synod and Alliance Defending Freedom have collaborated on a downloadable manual — Protecting Your Ministry (From Sexual Orientation Gender Identity Lawsuits) — now available to help LCMS congregations, schools and other ministries hedge against legal intrusions that may arise in the near future.”

Worldview and Culture

Officer Who Saved Baby’s Life Becomes her Godfather

Watch for God’s Moment by Karl Galik

5 Ways To Handle The Creepy Clowns Infiltrating Your Neighborhood by Hans Fiene – “Knowing how to respond to these circus-from-hell freaks is, like many moral quandaries, rather difficult.”