October 12, 2015


Top 5 Planned Parenthood Myths by Julie Roys

Massive Anti-Planned Parenthood Protests Nationwide Include Inspiring Stories of Women Who Chose Life by Ray Nothstine

70,000 Pro-Life People Protest Planned Parenthood Selling Body Parts From Aborted Babies by Sarah Zagorski

5 Things We’ve Learned Since The First Planned Parenthood Video by John-Henry Westen – “A lot of gruesome human rights violations have surfaced in the wake of the investigative videos uncovering Planned Parenthood’s body parts trafficking.”

Planned Parenthood’s defense of using fetal organs to ‘treat and cure’ is a sham by Bill Cassidy and David Prentice

251 Babies Saved From Abortion So Far in Latest 40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign by Shawn Carney

Abortion and the Church

United Methodist and Episcopalian Church Clergy Lead Prayer Rally to “Bless” Abortion Clinic by Sarah Zagorski

Worldview and Culture

Teenage photographer with Down syndrome wins national Positive Role Model award by Texas Right to Life

“Are You A Christian?” – A Meditation On Martyrdom by Brian Lee – “Are you a martyr if you die at the hands of a homicidal madman at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon? Of course.”

This and That

The second she opened her mouth, I was STUNNED – Her “caretaker set up a camera so 92 year old Wanda B. Goines could recite her poem. Now, Wanda’s poem and this video are taking the Internet by storm!”

Dance, Sing, Just “Keep Moving,” Dick Van Dyke Tells Seniors by NPR staff- (Just for fun, check out this link of Dick Van Dyke’s recent video with The Dustbowl Revival.)