November 28, 2016


CDC: 35% of Babies Aborted in 2013 Were Black by Michael W. Chapman


Building Relationships by Jackie Semar, M.Ed. 
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I want to share a rule of thumb for engagement and building relationships …

DO togethers:

  • take a walk

  • make a pie

  • clean the cupboards

  • decorate the tree

  • sing songs

  • rake the yard

  • play ball

  • make soup

  • fold laundry

  • make the holidays about sharing experiences, not gifts

These are positive activities. These ground children in family life, responsibility and accomplishment.


  • go shopping

  • watch endless TV or sports

  • stay inside

  • let Mom do all the housework

  • fret over Christmas planning

  • commit to do too much, get stressed

  • over-gift—keep things small, simple, even hand-made

  • let the commercialism of the holidays define you or your family

With adopted kids in mind, the holidays can be overwhelming. Please do not misinterpret excitement and over-stimulation as healthy. In many cases, it is not. If you are sliding down a snow-covered hill on a sled with your child, that is healthy-exciting. If you are at the mall and it is crowded and you are worried about getting gift shopping done, that is not healthy-exciting. Material things distract and detract from building relationships. Keep it simple. When the Christmas music starts playing in your head, hear “Simple Holidays” not “Happy Holidays”.

Think of where your child came from, and how little he or she had. Your best strategy is to be very moderate, simple, relaxed—and minimize the difference from past experiences and present. Ask your child what favorite foods marked the holidays? What favorite activities? (Not favorite gifts, as they may have never received any.) Then incorporate favorite foods and activities from his or her past into the present. This helps with transition, helps to prevent feelings of loss and dislocation. Integrate past and present. This will make for a happier child and family.


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